Things are changing, so I felt it was maybe a good time to document them.  Although I’ve never really been too good at the regularity required from journals etc.

Still, lets give it a go..

I had my last shift in the restaurant on Tuesday and so am now fully and solely self-employed.  Pretty terrifying stuff really, but I’m also very excited.  I’m pretty impatient, so when your job title alludes to lots of hanging around, ‘waiting’, it’s not a great career path!  But, it has served me well since my graduation, so I can’t really complain.

So, onwards and hopefully upwards.

Next week I will be mostly practising, writing and rehearsing for my upcoming London gigs.  I’ve never played in the big smoke before, and my debut performance is in  Pizza in The Park, Knightsbridge on Sunday September the 6th.  I’m hoping to get a good crowd of friendly jazz fans there to alliviate my nerves somewhat.

Then we’ve got a private event in the Royal Festival Hall (! – not on the stage though!) on the 8th, followed by another album launch (after the first in Leeds in July) on the 10th at the Haymarket Hotel.

I’m feeling pretty nervous about it all, but it’s what I have wanted to do since I can remember, so I’ll have to swallow the worries.  Plus, my lovely band will be with me, and I can do nothing but smile when I hear them start to play!

Anyway, here’s hoping I can keep this blog thing up to document what will hopefully be my rise to something slightly above obscurity! 🙂



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