That ‘difficult second album’

Well, look at this.. Second blog in 2 weeks. I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself!

So.. a couple of days of many events and thoughts:

Yesterday, all the boys and I rehearsed for the day in a lovely events venue in Leeds – Aspire. The space was wonderful, and the rehearsal was quite rewarding. We tried out some new tunes, and did some new arrangements for the Pizza on the Park gig on Sunday. Aidan has got a few more ideas for us to try out when we meet tomorrow, and I even made everyone lunch!

I’m pretty excited about the new tunes, particularly a (rather epic!) arrangement of ‘Feeling Good’ and the lovely Standard ‘I Didn’t Know What Time It Was’, which leads to more thoughts of the second album (as if it’s never not lurking in the corners of my mind!)

It’s funny, I’ve always thought that when people refer to the second album being much more difficult than the first, they were just being a little silly – it can’t be any different to making the first, surely? – and I’ve always dismissed the claim. But I’m finding it to be quite true!

I know that ‘Bookmark’ has only just been launched and able to buy for about 6 weeks, but the process of making it started about this time last year, and more to the point, I started (unknowingly) writing it about 8 years ago! I guess the first album sets your intentions.. you have a whole life time to pick the songs for it, and get to the stage you need to be for it to be put together. The second album has about 10%, if that, of the time, so there’s a whole lot of pressure there – particularly as I’m so proud of ‘Bookmark’ and the journey I feel it takes from start to end.

I put this to the boys yesterday though, and they all scoffed and said there was no such thing as the ‘difficult second album’, particulary in Jazz. As Matt put it “In jazz, there’s the difficult first album, then the difficult second….!” True, but still.. When they’re beginning to think of bearing their souls through writing lyrics and singing melodies to be captured and unchangeable for the rest of time, let’s see how they feel!

So anyway.. I’m feeling pretty positive about the gig in Pizza on the Park – my London debut. The band are sounding good, the material is exciting, and my nerves are only just starting to kick in.

Unfortunately, today brought some mixed news.. (something not totally unexpected given my strange inability to not get back to sleep after waking at 6am, with a feeling of unease)..

The launch event planned for this Thursday (Sept 10th) is having to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. This is obviously very disappointing, and although it’s going to be rescheduled to October, I’m finding it difficult to mask my feelings.

Still, these things happen, and every journey has it’s bumps.. doesn’t make the journey any less enjoyable in the long-run, I guess!

In place of the launch, the boys and I are hoping to head back up to Leeds for an engagement with Look North. So all is not lost..

There’s also some exciting things in the pipeline for October too, so lets all just keep an eye on the events page on my website, and keep our fingers crossed! Oh, and of course SPICE JAZZ, in London on the 23rd of September. We’re doing a ‘mini-set’ before the main artist, which will hopefully lead to more exciting gigs in London, like the legendary Ronnie Scotts!

So yes. Things are coming along, and I’m not yet regreting handing in my Waitressing notice despite dreaming I still worked there last night..! Right decision (if you believe you can ever make a wrong one.. which I’m not sure I do) – Well done Tessa. 🙂

That’s all for now. Back with news of Pizza on the Park and Look North next week I hope.



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