Sometimes I’m Happy..


Here I am again!

Yesterday, I was taking a wander into town, enjoying the sunshine with my ipod providing the sound track, and on came a version of a song I’d not heard before. It was very odd, as just 3 weeks ago I had to stop myself purchasing the Rogers/Hart score of ‘Cinderella’ (because I’d given up my day job!) and the song was from that same show. ‘Sweetest Sounds’, beautifully sung by Sarah Vaughan, as if she ever sung any other way! Even more odd that I’d never heard it before – although my music library is pretty full, and so to put it on shuffle and work my way through that way does take a while..
Anyway. I fully intend to add it to my repertoire.. Looks like I’ll have to buy that book now!

Recently, I have been rehearsing with both the boys in the quartet and the girls in Solaris.
I’ve a gig with each this week. London with the boys on Wednesday, and Hexham with the girls on Friday.

On Wednesday, we shall be playing a mini-set at the Spice of Life jazz club in Soho. By all accounts its a lovely venue to play, and I’m hoping to get a big crowd down, not least to cover my costs of train fares this week!
We’ll be playing for half an hour, at around half 8, and then the main artist will be doing her thing.

On Friday, I’m returning home to Hexham (where I was born!) to sing some a cappella with my friends in Solaris. I’m really looking forward to it, as we don’t get to gig that much, particularly up there. It’s part of the Hexham Abbey Festival, and we’ll be on at 9:30 at the Forum Cinema.

But enough of the future, lets look at the past..

The Pizza on The Park gig was fun. – It’s a lovely Venue, and we got to try out some new arrangements on the friendly audience there. I’m already looking forward to our return in November.
The following Thursday (11th) I made my first ever TV apprearance. It was a little surreal, but quite enjoyable really! We headed to the BBC building, which is just nextdoor to LCM, so we all knew it well! As I went off to get my makeup done, and be interviewed by Harry and Christa on the sofas, the boys set up in The Venue at the Music College. The interview seemed to go like a flash! I’m not even sure whether or not I said anything i was supposed to! But the two presenters each got an album, and Harry made a (terrible) joke about me ‘working as a waitress in a cocktail bar’ when he first met me – I served him in Harvey Nichols many times before. Then we recorded about 45 seconds of ‘Feeling Good’ (about 15 times!) in the space I hadn’t sung in since my Final recital in 2007!

Finally, we set off back to my house, as the BBC folk cut together all the footage to make it on the News at half 6. I hid myself in the kitchen and made dinner for Aidan and Matt, so I didn’t have to watch it with them! (Too embarrased at watching myself on screen!) and then caught it on the iplayer later, where I watched it about 6 times over!
Eventually, I decided I didn’t think it was too bad for a first time! hehe

So yes, I think that’s all going on at the moment. Although I do seem to have misplaced my microphone, so if anyone should have seen my lovely EV 767, please return it – I miss it very much.




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