Home Sweet Home

Isn’t it wonderful how one good gig can restore your faith in this sometimes hard slog that is ‘the musician’s life’..? And not only that, but it can fill you with all the enthusiasm and drive that may have been slightly waning, and remind you what it was about the music that you fell in love with in the first place.

Last night, I had such a gig. The first Jazz gig I have had in my home town, ever. Two hours North of Leeds, in the beautiful market town of Hexham, my band and I arrived at The Queens Hall, feeling relaxed and excited about the evening ahead. I am so happy to announce that I sold out the venue. SOLD OUT! I’ve never done that before! And the 60-strong audience was everything you could want for in an audience; courteous, enthusiastic, and really listening to what was put before them. I wish every gig I had was like last night.

The evening was filmed, and hopefully I’ll be able to post some of that up soon, with my new resolve to keep this blogging thing up.

I make no excuses – I’m not great at the regular updates, but I’m going to try! In just over a week, I’ll be hitting the road with PBS6 for my first ever experience of touring. I’m very excited, and hope to be able to document it on here (if the boys let me borrow their macbooks!)

I am looking forward, and I am looking ahead: I can’t wait to discover what my future has in store for me and my wonderful band!

This is the start – the real start.

Tessa x


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