Motivation pie

The challenge was set by Anita Wardell last month, and I decided on the timescale and objectives this weekend.

So, time to put it out there, as some sort of incentive to get it done..

CHALLENGE:  Get 6 confirmed UK gigs over a 3 month period October-December 2010, by the end of July.

Yes, it seems a little daunting for a rookie like myself, but did you know that Jazz Services have a directory with over 900 promoters and 3000 venues available to the lowly jazzer like myself? – Who said Jazz was dead?!

So.. when you look at those stats, it’s not so daunting really. I hope!  My fortnight/month of constant phonecalls begins tomorrow! (for today, I am baking a pie instead. Mmm, motivation pie.)

 Wish me luck! (With the challenge, more than the pie baking..)

Tessa x


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