Pimping Biscuits!

What a great evening I’ve just had with the lovely ladies of Buns and Roses WI, of which I am a member!

It’s the 1st birthday of this group of creatives and so we were decorating biscuits, drinking complimentary rum punch and generally enjoying ourselves!

I’ve known of these ladies around 6 months now, and through them I have been very happy to meet wonderful people such as the ladies of No 15, the fabulous Nina Ricks, and also managed to co-ordinate and rehearse a ‘Buns and Roses’ choir which raised lots of money for charity over Christmas as we carolled in my favourite bar, Epernay.

It may seem odd to be a member of a WI group, perhaps conjuring up images of ladies in Church halls, making jams and things.. but I think everyone should get a chance to be part of such a funky organisation! We meet upstairs in a cocktail bar, we eat cake, we learn new crafts and, whether they intend to or not, Buns and Roses provide a great support network for those people lucky enough to know them, and for that, I am truely grateful.

AND I got home just in time for the closing statements of the leaders debate. Lovely.

So, happy birthday Buns and Roses!

Tessa x


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