And so it begins..

After a great, if not whirlwind-like weekend, I find myself in Manchester with half of PBS6, preparing for 2 days of rehearsals before we head on the road for the tour.

On Friday, I played at Epernay, my most favouritest bar in Leeds (and happily they’ve one here in Manchester too!) with Magic Al (not only a magician but a piano man too!) and on Saturday I resumed my long-running residency at Harvey Nichols after a few months break, with Mr Mike Conliffe – a pianist with whom I have worked for many years. Both these gigs were most enjoyable, and I look forward to the next times!

So, after a lovely and musical weekend, I spent today trying to pack (and in a very girlie fashion, packing too much!) before setting off.

And here I am. Ready for the week!

Sit tight for more updates.
Thank you, lovelies!

Tessa x


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