Rehearsal/Zion Arts, Manchester – Day 2.

Yesterday was the second day of rehearsals in Manchester with PBS6.

After another early morning, we headed to Zion and rehearsed through til 4, when I got on a bus and missioned my way to Epernay to say hello, before heading back to soundcheck at 6.

The gig was a good time to test some of the material, and the audience at Zion Arts were wonderful, with great things to say post-show.

After a bit of a mental packing down, and then unloading (I can’t believe how much stuff there is!) I finally got to bed at midnight.

Up at 7am, we went to pack the cars again and I hit the road to Lincoln via Leeds to meet the tour bus.

We are now on our way to London. Woop. I am praising the food of M&S after too much takeaway food, and now I must sleep…

Tessa x


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