Folklamhoma, London – Day 3.

Yesterday, there was a lot of hanging about. Given the huge amount of equipment used by PBS6 and crew, it takes a long time to sort before little me, with my one microphone (and occasional loop pedal) gets to make some notes.

We arrived in Hackney around half 3, and unloaded in ‘The New Empowering Church’.
The venue was a strange space.. Not a church, but actually a large warehouse-style room, with a make-shift ‘tiki’ bar at the back, and lots of mismatched sofas, armchairs and tables, and two AMAZING light-up orange palm trees..!

As the gig began, after the support band – ‘Clack Tick’ – we prepared to start our set. There were a few sound difficulties last night, affecting some band members more than others.

For me, as I tried to get used to the subs below the stage making my feet buzz, the rest of the sound issues didn’t bother me so much..

It’s very different for me to do these ‘loud gigs’, as I’m a relatively quiet singer and my own projects (particularly Solaris) are very simple and quiet setups and the odd occassions I have done a slightly louder function-type gig, the sound has never been right. So not to have perfect sound on stage is something I can make do with, and I actually enjoyed myself. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for other musicians, who rely solely on their monitors to be able to do their jobs.

So, a mixed bag, but I enjoyed it, and I think the London crowd did too.

We are now bombing up the M6 back to Bury for tonights gig at The Met. Jason is at the wheel in Shona’s car, and I am rocking a PJ bottoms and vest top (and yes, ventured out at the services like that too..!) the sun is shining and the conversation is really interesting. We’re on to Ragas now, so I am going to join it..

Tessa x


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