The Bury Met – Day 4.

After Shona and I checked into Manchester’s answer to ‘Fawlty Towers’, we headed to Bury for the 3rd gig of our 6-date tour; The Met.

As we arrived, after being stuck in Manchester traffic for quite a while, things seemed a little stressed and the set-up was still trundeling along. However, eventually all was set and the band and crew sat down for some lovely dinner (falafel burgers.. Mmm). The Met and adjoining restaurant were buzzing, although I then discovered Peter Kay was also performing in the building, so perhaps the crowds were for him…!

Still, we had a great turn out, and everyone seemed to love it.

It was the first gig where we had a proper ‘green room’ and so could all be together before the show and in the break. What a difference that made! The feeling on stage was great, everyone happy and feeling creative, despite the tiredness we were all feeling. The band left for homes and Fawlty Towers feeling good and enthused once more.

We now have a nice (and unexpected!) 3 days off for rest, and hopefully this down time will not allow my sneezing and coughing to develop into a full-blown cold. So I’m back in Leeds to face the pile of post and maybe do a bit of writing.. But first, a nap!


Tessa x


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