Ahhh, Hollyoaks Sunday

Yes, I know.. It’s cheesy, it’s rubbish, and it’s both completely predictable and incredibly far-fetched at the same time, but I find there’s something nostaligic in settling down infront of the TV and watching Hollyoaks.

When I was in my 3rd year at LCM and living with the wonderful Emma and Ruth in a flat in Hyde Park, we would always take a break from our composing/practising/essay-writing at 6:30 to join each other in the livingroom for half an hour of mindless Hollyoaks watching.

And so I’m holding on to that, whilst I mascarade as a ‘grown up’, to remind me of the ‘good old days’..


I’m readying myself for 4 more days on the road (and sure enough, it’s raining on my last day off!) having just about caught up on my sleep.

I’m also trying to resist another plateful of homemade cashew-nut biriyani. Mmm.

Tessa x


One thought on “Ahhh, Hollyoaks Sunday

  1. That looks tasty may I have the recipe please? Also good luck for the rest of your tour, it sounds like it is going well!

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