The Boardwalk, Sheffield – Day 5.

So, the second leg of the PBS6 kicked off yesterday with a gig in The Boardwalk in Sheffield. Shona picked me up in Leeds, and after a little time getting confused in Sheffield city centre, we got to the venue.

The Boardwalk is a great place, and the sound was the best yet I think. I’ve been bought some in-ear monitors, which still need some getting used to, but quite exciting non-the-less.

The audience, though small in number, enjoyed themselves, and made a good amount of noise. 🙂

After staying in a little American Motel-style hotel last night, we hit the road again, heading for Leicester, where tonight we will be playing at The Musican. Found a great little veggie restaurant for lunch called ‘The Good Earth’ so I’m feeling pretty happy, if not a bit tired!

Sad to be missing ‘Voices of the Day’ choir practise tonight, but still.. Can’t complain really!

Tessa x


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