The Musician, Leicester – Day 6.

Last night, we played in a wonderful venue called ‘The Musician’ in Leicester. The doors to this venue looked like the body of a guitar, and every table had a different musicians name on it, from Van Morrison to Bob Marley and the greats in between. It was very sweet.

Having been told that, promotion-wise, this would be one of the best gigs yet, we started our soundcheck quite hopeful.

The soundcheck was difficult for me, to be honest. I’d accidentally fallen asleep in the hotel before we’d gone to the venue again, so I was feeling a little dopey, and the same old ‘Tessa quiet, band loud’ problem soon appeared, with added ‘in-ear monitor’ issues.

Thankfully, the sound during the gig was fine, and I found a little power (vocally) to work through it, along with the support of some lovely people on the iPhone and some of the people in the band.

Unfortunately, the audience was a little lacking. Not in quality (by any means!) but even some of the pre-sales failed to show.

It’s so disappointing to notice when people don’t support those venues good enough to put on live music. So many people will complain about gigs not being supported, or get up in arms when venues are set to close, but don’t seem to do what’s needed to keep these things going – show up to the gigs.

Pizza on the Park, one great jazz venue in Knightsbridge, and the one good enough to have had me on the bill a few times, is set to close on June 24th. It’s sad news, and naturally, the jazz world are trying to stop it happening through awareness (join the facebook group!) and petitions, however, I am tending to wonder how many of these people have headed to the venue to see an act they knew little of – it’s certainly not been the case when I was there first, when only friends of the band attended..

I know it’s easy to preach, and with the abundance of great music happening around Leeds (and elsewhere), I could be accused of doing the same thing, but I do try, and I have been known to drag myself out of the house when I’d rather curl up on the sofa, to catch a gig in a little upstairs room in a random pub. I guess what I’m saying is: Use it, or Lose it. (And also, please come to my gig in Pizza on the Park on June 14th..!)

Anyway, the Leicester show was good, regardless. And those who did come along certainly seemed to enjoy it.

We are now in Bristol, readying ourselves for the last gig of the tour. Already today, we headed to a lovely little house for an acoustic (how novel!) session in a shed. ‘Songs from the Shed’ is a great little idea – I thoroughly recommend checking out the site. We will be up there in 3 weeks or so, I am told.

Must go and soundcheck..

Thanks for reading, and taking an interest. 🙂

Please do send me a hello!

Tessa x


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