Fiddlers, Bristol – Day 7, and done!

Ahhh, I should have blogged this yesterday, but I was just so sleepy!!

So, we headed to the Bristol venue on Wednesday after the Songs from the Shed session and as the crew set up the stage, we headed to a lovely little restaurant (that I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of) where the food was lovely, the portions huge, the cost low, and the music wonderful. And they were putting on live jazz later that night too. Brilliant.

The gig itself was a great one to end with. The band were in good spirits, the audience were dancing and I think we all had friends who’d come along – for me, my cousin Rick. 🙂

The next morning, we hit the road again to Lincoln, where I picked up my little shiney blue car and popped into the centre to have dinner with my good friend (and drummer on ‘Bookmark’) Matt. Browns Pie Shop on Steep Hill is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Lincoln!

I have arrived back to Leeds this morning to piles of post, and election flyers, and with that, comes the end of my first ever tour. My ears will take their well-earned rest, and I can go back to singing quietly for a little while, before festival season!

Solaris will be arriving shortly for a singsong then I think I’ll head into town to catch up with the peeps in Epernay.


Tessa x


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