Choir weekend!

Ever since First School, I have sung in choirs. There’s something magical about creating music together with many voices, with or without other instruments.

It’s been a good while since I was in a good choir, that’s making great music and having lots of fun with it too. But I’m very glad to say I have finally found another one.

This weekend was the first concert of the new ‘Voices of the Day’ gospel-style choir, run by Cleve Freckleton (of Chunky Butt Funky, for those of you familiar with the Leeds Soul/funk music scene).

We have only been meeting for about 6 weeks, so it was quite an ambitious plan to perform at the Headingley Festival, but we turned up to the South Parade Church yesterday afternoon regardless. And so did well over 100 audience members!

And what a great audience! Up on their feet, clapping and singing along to our rendition of Basement Jaxx ‘Do Your Thing’ and other wonderfully uplifting tunes. I had SUCH fun – my hands were red and my face ached from smiling so much! And everyone left the venue feeling happy and positive – such is the power of music!

So today was the first meeting of the choir I will be running for members of Buns and Roses WI which was also good fun. I’ve done an arrangement for us, which I feel is rather apt, and am looking forward to performing it to the other Roses to boost our numbers.

So, a musical weekend, along with a couple of evenings catching up over cocktails with friends, and cooking a rather delicious (though I do say so myself) 3-course dinner during the week. Mmm.. Baileys Chocolate Mousse – Amazing!

A brilliant way to start a brand new week of productivity (I hope!)

Should you be interest in joining Voices of the Day, we meet every Tuesday at 7pm – 8:30pm in the rehearsal space at All Brass and Woodwind in Leeds City Centre.

And should you be interested in joining Buns and Roses(and our choir!) have a look at their website on my links page. 🙂

Tessa x

PS Anyone seen me in action in these choirs who fancies a singing lesson or few, drop me an email: Thanks!


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