Quick question for you

Hello, blog readers!

I have a question I hope you will write me an answer for..

Why do you like to sing?

Even if you don’t sing in public and keep it to yourself in the car, or the shower, or whilst you’re on a night out in a loud bar and you think no one can see, what is it about creating music from within yourself that makes you want to do it all the time? Or some of the time?

It would really help me if you could answer me this. Either pop your thoughts in a comment below, or if you’re one of those car-only performing singers, you can email me: tessasmithquartet@googlemail.com

Thank you!

Tessa x


18 thoughts on “Quick question for you

  1. Hmmph. That’s a good question.

    Sometimes I sing because I really like a song that I can’t listen to at that moment, so I sing it instead so I can still listen to the way it goes. (Hearing it in your head doesn’t do it justice!)

    Sometimes it’s because I like the sound of my own singing voice & I like to sing for myself.

    Sometimes it’s because I want to test out the acoustics of unusual shaped buildings.

    Sometimes I sing because it’s a fun thing to do with other people.

    Sometimes I do it because it’s something interesting to do while I complete a boring task. (I sing when I’m doing the washing up for example.)

    Sometimes I sing because it just seems like the right thing to do right there & then.

  2. I like to create musically, and since I’m a vocalist, singing is my medium. I like to sing because it is a very powerful way to connect with people, and it’s a way to reveal myself completely and it be allowed. In fact, I find that the more I reveal myself to my audience, the more they like it.

    • Thank you for your answer Cindy. I love what you say about singing being the way to reveal yourself in a way that is somehow more ‘allowed’ than other times: it’s very true. And I agree, an audience definitely responds to a singer more if they are open within a song. In fact, I enjoy it more that way too. 🙂

      Having a listen to your tunes on your website – you have a great sound! I love ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ – that song has such great lyrics..

      Good luck with everything. I don’t know how it is across in the US, but sometimes, trying to make a living as a vocalist over here requires so much determination and hard work, it gets pretty overwhelming!

      Do let me know if you ever come across the pond!

      Tessa x

  3. To express and reveal. To express a truth deep inside me and by doing so reveal who I really am. Lately, also, to give glory to God.

  4. The pleasure that you give people when you sing, I can see it in your face when you are singing, the passion I see when people write word, and play music too these words lifts me to a place only that takes me too, when I sing its normally in a group and I am not fully sure what I give, but I echo these feelings when I do, it makes me feel good, makes me feel alive, I firmly believe its a method of communication, about delivering what you are x hope that helps flower, oh and by the way, thank you for helping me do these things, and also thank you for asking x x

    • Aww, thank you Garry.

      And it’s an absolute pleasure. I think there’s not much more powerful, uplifting, or fundamentally human, than singing together.

      I will see you soon!

      Tessa x

  5. The human voice is such an amazing thing, and in a group has the force of a mountain. The voice is the most natural of instruments.

    I like to sing because it doesnt really require much effort like an instrument twanging or blowing or moving keys n levers. And when you sing you feel cheery!

    I love to sing while I do tasks to make it more fun. I also love exploring the boundaries of the voice.

    Singing in choirs is awesome as you can do all kinds of awesome thins which sound ten times better with more people doing it, you become an important cog in the music machine and you feel awesome!

    I also love writing songs for all kinds of voices to see how individual everyones voice is and the individual messages in sounds that come out. There are styles I want ot write for that I can’t sing so gettin toher people to do that lets me get a message out from another voice perspective.

    • Thanks for your reply Sam,

      I love how you said ‘it doesn’t really require much effort’ – I know many who would disagree! Hehe.

      I know what you mean about singing in choirs, and feeling like an ‘important cog in the machine’. I love that too.

      I hope you’ll do some writing for Voices of The Day soon, and if you ever fancy a 5-piece female acappella group to test out some ideas, or have a really great ‘Jazz’ song you want realising, give me a shout!

      Tessa x

    • My pleasure Jacqui!
      Thanks for your great answer!
      It’s lovely to hear from someone who is so similar to me in the sense of not necessarily being a ‘natural performer’, but being unable to be themselves without being up on stage in front of people. It’s a hard paradox to live with, but I think we’re doing quite well!

      Tessa x

  6. I have been singing as long as I can remember. My mother and my sisters all sing. We sing about any and everything. Singing is spiritually healing. Every emotion can be experienced and enhanced through music; joy, pain, excitement, the elevator from the bottom to the top – there’s a song for it. My daily life is a running jukebox. I never know what song will pop out of my mouth while I’m cleaning or doing laundry, it’s almost unconscious it’s so natural. I sing because I love music and I love singing. As a professional singer one of the most difficult issues for me is deciding exactly ‘what I feel like’ singing? What lyrics say exactly what I want to say on a particular day? I shuffle through at least a hundred songs sometimes thinking about what I feel like experiencing and giving in my show. As a teacher, I love to give repertoire to young singers and watch the joy they experience when they sing a great set of lyrics, a great melody, beautiful chord changes and a rhythm that suits their mood. What a beautiful gift that we share; Singing.

    • What a lovely reply, Roseanna. Thank you for sharing. I love how you really think about what to sing at each gig to give your audience a true sense of yourself in the moment – it’s not often you get that from artists. I guess that’s one of the beauties of the vast repertoire that is ‘Jazz’.

      Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to coming across to the states soon – I hope you’ll let me know some of the haunts to hear really great music.

      Thank you for taking the time to share with me. 🙂
      Tessa x

  7. I sing because I have to express the tunes, musical thoughts & ideas that come into my head. It becomes addictive but it’s a great way to brighten any day !!

  8. I sing because it is the one activity in which my body, mind and spirit unite in a creative fashion. In my life, the dual objective of art- self-expression and communication- is realized most effectively in the act of singing- specifically, jazz singing.

    On an external instrument, such as saxophone or piano, one has visual points of reference to lead them to the next sound. No such advantage is afforded the singer, who must feel each note before it is sung, while sorting through the many options- tone, attack, vibrato, volume, dialect and others- to achieve the desired effect.

    I enjoy the act of sharing ideas and feelings, powered by breath.
    I enjoy the act of evoking images and emotions through sounds (and words, yes, but often only sounds).
    I love the collective improvisation found in acoustic jazz, when we share the duties of establishing rhythm and harmony, when form becomes elastic and every solo is never really solo, with all the input coming from the other players- supporting, then leading; responding but also suggesting. The understanding that what was just played could never- should never- be played exactly that way ever again challenges me to allow new ideas to come through me the next time we perform a standard or one of my songs or a blues.

    Singing is the manner in which I touch the world, the manner in which I express how the world has touched me.

    • What a beautiful reponse, Scotty. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      I agree what you say about a singer really having to feel everything that they sing – and despite perhaps the difficulties and agony that that can present during practise and education, I think ultimately it only serves to create a more honest and pure deliverence of oneself on stage.

      Your last line is a stunning sentiment, I can’t help thinking it may find itself in a lyric one day.. Thank you, and don’t ever stop creating music and being your music.

      Tessa x

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