What I have learned

A couple of years ago, I learned (with some help) that there was always something to be learned from a situation or event that didn’t quite work out the way you’d hoped it would.

Whether you didn’t get the job you were going for, or you got your ‘dream job’ then found it wasn’t for you, or a relationship ended that you just couldn’t make work; as long as you took something from these events, you could never think of them as ‘failures’, or worse, yourself as one.

So, in the past year, this is what I have learnt:

* Unfortunately, not everyone holds honesty as highly as I do, but there are still more wonderful people than fraudsters out there.
* Impatience is not always a bad thing, it shows drive, a desire to strive for innovation and success, and an inability to just ‘sit back’ and take things for granted. And sometimes, it brings you to a realisation that people have tried to keep you from.
* I can be a strong, and persistant individual, even if the task in hand is one I’d rather not have to tackle.
* I have incredible parents, an amazing family, and some wonderful friends and associates, who have always reminded me how lucky I am, and that I’m on the right path.
* I will do the right thing, even if I could shy away from it, and apologise to those I feel I owe an apology too, even if the moment has seemingly passed.
* There’s a saddeningly large distance between Law and Justice, and unfortunately, my country’s judicial system is not really set up to help the person who needs the help.
* Money IS only money, but making sure Right triumphs over Wrong is something worth fighting for.
* Trusting people is not a bad thing, but neither is changing your mind about someone down the line, and admitting you made a mistake.
* I know what I want, and how to get it, with hard work. And moreover, I know that I want to do that hard work myself, rather than let someone else take it on.
* I will carry on learning, as it’s only through learning that I will grow and become better.

Tessa x


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