Exciting things a foot!

There’s nothing like listening and watching the best to get you inspired and striving for better in your own work. After watching Stevie on TV (alas, no Glastonbury for me..!) I am now sitting in the wonderful Camino in Kings Cross readying myself for Kurt Elling at Ronnie Scotts. Excited!

I’ve brought him a copy of ‘Bookmark’ too. You know, just in case.. (I sold 6 at my gig on Sunday, so he might miss his chance soon! Hehe)

The sun is shining in lovely London Town. Bestest Mitt is late, unsurprisingly, but I’m feeling content. And my wine is lovely.

We had a short Solaris rehearsal this morning, in preparation for our TWO performances at Cleethorpes Jazz Festival. One on Friday (July 2nd) and one on Sunday (July 4th) both at 12pm. The former opening the festival, and the latter between a Lianne Carroll workshop (can’t wait!) and the Chris Biscoe Quartet, featuring Saxophonist Tony Kofi who I last saw at Wakefield Jazz Club where I was lucky enough to be his supporting artist (Seriously, can’t wait!).

Nestled in the middle, I’m playing an hour set at Toast bar in Leeds on Saturday 3rd, around 9pm, which is sure to be a little louder than Solaris, but just as enjoyable.

I hope some people will take the journey to Cleethorpes along with us – can’t beat a sunny day on the coast with some good music, can you?! And I’ve done my research for my Leeds buddies: 2 hours on the train, 9:40 from Leeds (Via Donny) will get you there in time for our set on Sunday, and I know you’re not doing anything more exciting. So grab a pretty dress, (ehm.. Boys, you can if you like.. Or maybe some shorts..) a sun hat, and your bucket and spade. I’m driving Friday, so a picnic with some Champagne wouldn’t go a miss on Sunday either. 🙂

See you there! Elling – here I come!!

Tessa x


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