My Favourite Thing

Years ago, when I was still in high school, I wrote some alternative lyrics for the Sound of Music classic, My Favourite Things. It is actually one of my favourite songs to perform now, despite being too embarrassed to perform it for 6 years, though unfortunately I have not yet won the battle to record it.

It speaks about a person, who at the time I did not know – just a wishful description of someone I thought would be nice to have in my life. In a true case of ‘life imitating art’, I met this person recently. Unfortunately, the tale doesn’t end quite so storybook-like, and in truth, lovely blog reader, I’ve found it quite difficult -as anyone would who has seen a seemingly perfect situation taken away before they’ve had the chance to determine whether it actually is or not. But life, as they say, goes on, and deep down I know I’m a good person, and that I’m ok. And you know, the best songs come out of personal experiences!

I’ve had a really wonderful weekend of music this past few days. Toast bar in Leeds was so lovely on Saturday night that I went back again for dinner last night! And what can I say of the reception in Cleethorpes for Solaris, other than it was quite overwhelming!

Solaris were lucky enough to have 2 performances at the Cleethorpes Jazz Festival this year, and both were very well populated – the first, I was informed, had over 144 people listening in the venue! So many listeners came to us at the end of each performance to say thank you, and I was told yesterday by the Organiser that we were the only group of the whole weekend that had an encore demanded of them! Wow!

As something that I started purely for love and enjoyment, I am truly surprised that Solaris is something people wish to hear more of. We are, to my mind, uncatagorisable (if that’s a word!) in genre and I can’t describe the group to people other than to say it’s acappella, but people seem to love it as much as we do! And both Liane Carroll and Tony Kofi said wonderful things about us too, so we definitely must be doing something right!

Looking forward to our next performance as part of the I Love West Leeds Festival at Pudsey Library on July 17th (12pm). Hope to see some local friends there!

Tessa x


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