Caught in the rain

As I ventured from Epernay to Browns this evening to meet a lovely couple for whom I will be singing on their wedding day, the Heavens opened, the roads turned to rivers, and my feet got very wet. 😦

Still, my trusty duck umbrella saved me from total devastation, so all is not lost.. And now I am home and toasty warm. Hurray!

Last night, I visited Nottingham for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see a lot of my Mother’s home town as we were a little late, and it was rainy so I didn’t look up too much..
The reason I was in Robin Hood territory..? The legend that is Mr Tony Bennett.

Now, I’m sort of confused as to where I sit in terms of old standards sung in a classic manner in the modern day – I tend to want more from my contemporaries, (it’s one of the many reasons I’ve so much respect for Elling, and others of the same school..) and so when Mr Bennett’s daughter came out as a support act and did, for my money, a dated and rather boring performance of 5 or so old standards, I wasn’t too fussed.. It seemed mostly she (Antonia Bennett) was ‘cashing in’ on being the daughter of a legend, and following his path rather than creating one for herself..
In truth, any other performer doing what T Bennett does and I would be bored, restless, and feel that it was completely out of touch and dated. But not so for Tony Bennett. He’s most definitely allowed – that’s his era, he’s one of the originals. Frank Sinatra said he was his favourite singer for goodness’ sake! He need not change his slick, scripted and scored set for the World. But he’s one of the few (if only!)

And I love the way in which he performs. It dazzled me that he is so conversational and yet melodic in his renditions, and I love that he had no water on stage (an odd thing to comment on, I know. But it’s so old school, and almost respectful of the audience. I’m not sure I could do it..!)

He’s now in his 80s, and sung non-stop for about an hour and a half. I’ll forgive him the odd missed entry and cough mid song, it was the last show of the UK tour and the man did about 15 encores! Respectful, talented and genuine in his approach, I’m truly happy and feel very lucky to have been able to watch the performance of a true star. Even better, it was a (sort of) gift as I bought the Elling tickets! Woo!

Mitt and I have seen some great gigs this year so far. I think Elling and Bobby Mcferrin speak to me more as artists and to the musician I aspire to be, but I definitely took a lot from last night, and have a new tune on my list to learn too. 🙂

Very glad I went. And I’ll say it again – Tony Bennett is a true legend.

Tessa x


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