Dot Com :)

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m not sure there is much to say..

The biggest news in that I finally have my .com domain back. 🙂 For long, complicated and frustrating reasons I do not intend to go into, I have not had a site up at for many months. However, I am incredibly happy to say, it will now take you to this very site! Hurray! And I had my faith in humankind and my love of Twitter restored and renewed as my call for help was answered by the extremely helpful @cre8tedtweets. Thank you Darren!

In other news, I had a good weekend of Epernay and Harvey Nichols gigs, had an absolutely brilliant (and long overdue!) reunion with the lovely ladies of Burley Road on Sunday. Plus, Voices of the Day last night was wonderful, so I’ve had a good few days.

The choir is really coming along, and sounding great! I find it a little daunting each week when I stand up to do my part in the rehearsal and 25-30 people are staring at me! And it keeps growing! But I think I’m coping rather well..!
Last night, uncoordinated Me, led the choir in an exercise in movement and rhythm! We’ve got the gospel harmonies, we’ve got the feel-good ‘gospel’ energy, now we just need to move together.. I used an exercise from the Anita Daulne workshop I went to a few weeks back, and it really worked! I’m looking forward to next Tuesday, to see if it sticks! Ha!

Oh, and just for any Voices of the Day folk (or anyone else, for that matter!) who may be interested in taking a lesson or 2 with me – I’d love to take on a few more students, so let me know if you’re considering it, and we’ll sit down and have a chat about it, probably over a glass of wine. 🙂

Speak soon,

Tessa x


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