Sidmouth in a day

My, I’ve had a tiring weekend.. Each day tinged with the slightest threat of a cold developing..

On Thursday, my day started at 6am. I got to Leeds train station at half 7, to get to Manchester to be driven to Sidmouth, in Devon. There was a week-long folk festival in full swing, and PBS6 were doing a support slot in the evening. Sidmouth seems like a lovely place. Far removed from the seaside towns of the North, there were many stalls all along the waterfront selling jewellry, garlands and dresses, and the chips were much dearer than in Cleethorpes! We headed up to the venue (a very large tent, with wooden floors, great stage, and the best pie stall ever providing the tucker!) surrounded with a little worry as Crystalize had misplaced his car keys. The set went well. The sound was good, and the ever-growing crowd seemed to enjoy it.
Long story short, the keys were eventually found, and in a bid to get home, we jumped in the car and set off back to Manchester straight away, arriving around 2:30am. It was a very long day!

I didn’t return to Leeds till the following afternoon, after a short and disjointed sleep, and went straight to Epernay to sing some Jazz with Magic Al at the piano.

The following morning Buns and Roses choir arrived at my house for a practise, before I rehearsed with Gav for our first ever gig together that evening.

A little while ago, I went to an Open Mic Night in Huddersfield (In fact, I wrote a blog about it…) and with the abundance of acoustic guitarists and great tunes being played, I decided I wanted to have a go. So I put the idea/request out there, and the Producer of my ‘Bookmark’ album came forward. What a talented man, eh?!

The repertoire I have chosen is a mix of a lot of great songs I have heard and liked (mainly for their lyrical content) and range from the old to the very current. It went down really really well at Harvey Nichols that evening. So well, in fact, that we were invited back to perform at Sunday Brunch the following day!

So that we did! With a couple of extra tunes we hadn’t already tried. 🙂

This week, I’m with Voices of the Day on Tuesday, preparing with them for 3 consecutive weekends of performances! As well as seeing some new voice students. On Wednesday, the quartet head to Sheffield to play at The Lescar, I’m back at Epernay bar on Friday, then start my new residency at Lounge Bar and Grill on Sunday.

Great week ahead!

Keep smiling everyone 🙂

Tessa x


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