Quick update..!

My my, I have neglected my blog recently… oops!

It must mean that I’ve been mega busy though, right?!

Well…. yes!  I have been doing my regular spot at Lounge Bar and Grill every Sunday, I’ve played a few gigs at Epernay, I’ve given quite a few singing lessons, and been to choir a couple of times.  I’ve made a couple of cakes, attended a couple of weddings, been to a couple of Buns and Roses W.I meetings.  Picked some sloe berries (to make tasty gin), made some chutney, went home for some good family fun, bought a Ukulele and learned about 7 chords!  Hurray!

This weekend, I’m playing back at Harvey Nichols with my lovely guitar-playing friend Gavin on Friday, and at Lounge with my lovely piano-playing friend Aidan on Sunday.  And hopefully I’ll be seeing the Ladyboys of Bangkok show on Saturday, and avoiding all talk of Halloween on Sunday, as I don’t like it (apart from the pumpkin carving bit!)

That’s all for now, as I have to mosey on into to town for an interview! (It won’t be published, I’m just helping a Journalistic Rose with her college project!)

But look at my pretty Uke!

(That’s Tinkerbell playing on it there.. in case you were wondering)

Tessa x


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