Lindy Hop

So this week has been a bit slow, really.  Snow stopped play on wednesday, so I didn’t sing at Harvey Nichols, and instead was stuck at home, watching the white stuff slowly bury my car..

I have been starting to get the hang of my new MacBook though, and edited my first (of hopefully 5) videos with Gav, which you can see here.  I intend to get the others done in the near future..  I have also been hanging out with Hendricks, which has been nice, though he does tend to scratch when I want to sleep, and sleep when I want to work, the latter of which would be ok if he were capable of sleeping anywhere but on my lap, but unfortunately not.

I’m going to be starting a new job in the New Year, as a singing teacher at a school in Bradford, so on Tuesday, I braved the weather and went to meet the department and rummage around their music cupboards to see what the choir will be singing.

But the best thing I have done this week, this month, in fact in recent times, was last night when I went to Lindy Hop at the Carriageworks.  I am not a dancer, and although I blame a lack of coordination for my unwillingness to get up and dance, it’s also a great lack of confidence, as I know I look very silly.  However, the group were incredibly welcoming.  – I’m not as confident as I sound here either, as I dragged my friend Chloe along, but actually, we had so much fun that we stayed for the second class too!  I definitely want to carry on going, and would recommend people giving it a go – it’s fantastic!  🙂  I loved the music too (naturally!)

So yes, despite incredibly poor timing on my part (having gone to the last class of 2010, and therefore not being able to do it there again til Jan 14th!) I had a great time, and am looking forward to taking some more classes and learning how to lindy hop properly! Awesome.

Tessa x


5 thoughts on “Lindy Hop

    • Hey Tessa, your website is lovely 🙂

      For anyone who has seen this blog and wanted to check out the same class (or just know what Lindy Hop is all about!) they can check out the Lindy Fridays website:

      Will have to come along to one of your gigs in the new year, your tunes sound v danceable!


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