Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is going to be an odd one.  I’ve traded little brother (in Thailand) for Hendricks the Kitten – which I think is a pretty good swap actually.. :p  And my parent’s house is without a Christmas tree this year, which is a little disappointing..

Still, I did some wonderful Christmas crafting (check out my beautiful card I made!) and the chutneys and Sloe gin are almost on their ways to the families I intend them to be with.

This snowy week, I’ve had some lovely gigs, including Harvey Nichols with Gavin (see festive rehearsal clips below), a wedding in Cumbria with some lovely London boys doing their post-grads at the Conservatoires (not nearly as daunting as I’d thought!) and then the last Lounge gig of 2010, which was, once again, great. 🙂

Now it’s time to have nice time with the family, play with the kitten, and shake the presents under the tree.. err.. oh.. wait. Nevermind..!


Tessa x


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