My Year of Gratitude – Week One

Thank you to Chloe for part-upholding new year tradition by coming to Leeds and making me walk to town, and to PIN bar for making my veggie breakfast, which was very tasty and greatly appreciated.
Oh, and thank you to Tom for breaking my door down to allow me back in my bedroom – without that, nothing would have been possible. x
Thank you to Lounge Bar and Grill for showing their commitment to live music (and to me) by carrying on over January.
Thanks also to Jon for playing so wonderfully, to Joyce for tipping us, and for the two gents at the bar for quietening down, and eventually leaving. x
Thank you to Don across the road for putting my mind at ease about the power-cut and telling me it wasn’t just my house.
Thanks too to Gemma for giving me a reason to cook a proper dinner, and for seemingly enjoying my food! Oh, and thanks also to Smithers for providing the cookie I had for dessert. x
Thanks to Hendricks for making me giggle when I couldn’t sleep at 5am this morning (I think celestial events disrupt my slumbers..) because he’d fallen asleep at the bottom of my linen basket and took a while to scramble out.
Thank you too to the girls in one of my new choirs at my new job for giving me a round of applause at the end of practice, it was very kind and settled my mind that I was teaching the right thing. x
Thank you to my good friend Matt for being so wonderful to talk on the phone with, especially when I’m putting off doing my tax return. I’m lucky to have you in my life.
Also thank you to the 09-10 tax year for being over, and to The Reason I Didn’t Make Any Money In That Year for no longer playing such a large part in my life – I’m happy to be rid of you. x
Thank you to Tori for emailing me footage from my Quartet gig in Hexham.  It’s really lovely to watch back and see how much we were all enjoying ourselves that night as we made music.  I’m lucky to know such talented musicians, and have a fab cousin to document it. x
Thank you to Georgiana for writing me a message this morning telling me I’m nice.  It made me smile, and it’s always a nice thing to hear.
Thank you also to my house for being a) a place I like to be, b) a warm haven from the horrible snow outside. I’m very lucky to have you over my head and surrounding my possessions. x


Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂


Tessa x


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