My Year of Gratitude – Week Two


Thank you to the postman for delivering my Amazon order today, in time for my drive up North – John Mayer made a wonderful soundtrack to my journey.

Thank you also to The One who first introduced me to John Mayer.  It’s always great to hear new music, particularly something that really speaks to you, and I still remember that first time you played it for me.  Like all of our memories, it’s tinged with bittersweet nostalgia that reminds me to be thankful I once had something so close to perfection. x


Thank you to Antony Gormley for his Angel of the North.  I know that it splits opinions, as great art often does, but I like it – when I travel up and down the A1 it makes me smile to know I’m in the North East and therefore close to family.
Thank you too to Kevin for playing so wonderfully at my Lounge gig today, and to his wife for bringing their 15 month old daughter along – her giggling fit was just precious. x
Thank you to the guy in Pop Boutique for extending my credit note even though it was completely my own fault for letting it expire.  Now I have a reason to ‘buy’ another pair of boots, but it will be guilt-free as no money will leave my purse.  Awesome.
Also, thank you to the extremely helpful salesman in Scheerers music shop for his assistance, and the 10% ‘teachers discount’ which was surprisingly bestowed upon my purchase shortly after I was getting quietly annoyed that I can no longer get student discount. x
Thank you to the date for being so awesome to write!
Thank you also to Voices of The Day choir for singing my new arrangement with all your hearts and making me feel genuinely excited as my ideas were becoming vocalised.  Singing is such a powerful and wonderful thing, I’m happy I get to do it all the time.
Thanks too to Gemma for my lovely little card and book that were on my pillow as I got home.  It made me smile and ‘aaaw’. 🙂 x
Thank you to Claire for her recommendation of Cafe Florence as a good breakfast destination in Armley.  I’m not sure I’d have ever ventured in without it, but it was, indeed, lovely.
So, thank you too to Cafe Florence for my tasty (and very filling!) breakfast. x
Thank you to Scott (and Lisa) for driving me to Chapel Allerton for Jenny’s birthday meal.  And to Helen for driving me back (and John for offering).  It was nice to a) meet some new people and b) have a drink with dinner and not worry about wanting another and c) be driven rather than drive.
‘Khob Kun Ka’ to Sukhothai restaurant too, for the fantastic food and wonderful service. x
Thank you to Cato for driving me into town – I could totally get used to this ‘chauffeured’ malarky. 🙂 It makes me feel very special.
Thank you too to the teachers and all the ‘leaders’ in tonight’s Lindy Lesson – you made dancing very enjoyable, even though I’m not the best at it..
Also, thank you to Dom for a lovely chat – I’m glad we got to speak honestly to each other eventually.  It’s nice to feel like I got to know you a little better, and you me, albeit just in the last couple of days before you move to London. x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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