Gettin’ Over The Blues

Every so often, you may happen across a song who’s lyrics speak exactly what you were thinking, or might think, or did think.  For me, being an emotional, artistic type, this happens quite often. 🙂

Occasionally, of those lyrics, there’s one or two that capture your feelings so succinctly it seems pointless to even try and put your words down onto paper – they’ve been said better before.

I’ve been finding these songs abound recently, and frustrating though it is that ‘someone got there first’ in a creative sense, I guess it’s nice to know I’m not alone..

And so begins the process of collecting together a group of songs to tell my latest chapter in an album form.  Self-indulgent and ‘purge-like’, perhaps, but what is an album if not a way of capturing an era of musical and personal growth.  I feel good about it.  It’s good to have a goal to focus on (as one always hears) and despite what followed afterwards, I truly loved making ‘Bookmark‘ – from conception to release..  It may take a while, (and if anyone wants to give me some money towards it, no strings attached, that’d just be wonderful!) but it has at least been decided. 🙂


I’ve been keeping busy of late.  My new job is proving to be good fun, and I’m very lucky to have such lovely students and colleagues.  I’ve been rehearsing my new (and though I do say it myself..) AWESOME arrangement for Voices of The Day Choir, as well as singing every Sunday at Lounge and most Saturdays at Harvey Nichols this month..  Though it’s not all work (as Friday night at Epernay proved!)

I’ve been keeping up with my ‘gratitude attitude‘ too (there’s a lovely cheesy phrase for you!) and a beautiful thing has started to happen – at the end of each day, even if I’m not feeling like there’s anything obvious to be thankful for, I am overwhelmed with so many possibilities of thanks-giving when I take a minute to think about it.  I do hope I can carry on for the next 11 months!

And of course, there’s little Hendricks, who keeps me entertained (and scratched to pieces – I obviously made the foolish mistake of blinking last night, as I now have a swollen eyelid, thanks to his quick pouncing.  😦  It’s pretty painful to be honest.. But he’s hard to stay mad at for long..!).

I’m looking forward to February (the best month!) and all it promises, and hope to keep you journeying along with me.

Thank you for reading, and taking an interest.

Tessa x


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