My Year of Gratitude – Week Five


Thank you to Hartley for sending some tasty pakoras our way during one of the gig breaks at Harvey Nichols this evening – they were delicious.
Thank you too to the big table of guests who not only clapped after our every tune, but also brought me and Gav some tasty petit fours that they didn’t have space for. Lovely! 🙂 x


Thank you to Aidan for once again playing wonderfully at our gig, and for appearing genuinely interested and supportive of my upcoming musical intentions. x


Thank you to Steven, the Virgin Media Man for coming and fixing my Internet.  Not only did you fix it, but you didn’t mind a crazy kitten attacking the wires, or the fact that I was totally not presentable, still in PJs (you were early!) when I answered the door.  You were very professional and it was appreciated. x


Thank you to the man from the AA who came and rescued me today from sitting cold and alone in my broken car on the A64, and for not charging me for his doing so.  I was very grateful to be able to get moving again, and hope it won’t cost too much tomorrow to fix..
Thanks too to Gemma for making it possible as I’d left home without my purse, AA number, or the phone number to call – you’re a heroine! x


Thank you to Armley Autos, my garage, for fixing my car and giving it it’s MOT for a significantly smaller amount than I had worried it would be.  You were very reassuring too, given my fear the whole of my January salary would be disappearing in one go and my car was very poorly. So yeah, thanks! x


Thank you to John today, for driving me to and from work. As previously stated in these weekly posts of mine, I do enjoy being chauffeured. 🙂
Thank you too for taking me to York to watch your gig and buying me wine.  It was genuinely lovely to hear you play with ‘5 Pieces of Silver‘, and it’s always nice to be bought wine. x


Thank you to the gents at Lindy Hop this evening – particularly Luke and Daryll, who asked me to dance between sessions.  It’s really lovely to feel like I’m progressing at something I never thought I’d be any good at!
Thank you too to Tom for driving me home.  As usual, I enjoyed being driven, but I’m especially grateful this evening, as the weather is so awful I fear I may have been blown away otherwise! x


Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x



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