Home Tourist

Today, Twitter challenged me to be a tourist in my own city.  This is something I often try to be like; looking at the city through non-jaded eyes.  (In fact, I write a little about it here.)

Having already half-organised meeting a friend for lunch, I decided that rather than getting the bus, I’d do what I’d do in a ‘new’ city, and walk.  I sent a tweet to Calls Landing to see what their veggie stew was (Sweet Roasted Peppers with spinach, feta and lentils – very tasty!) and they replied straight away.  So I set off along the canal tow-path to get to Leeds.

I love walking along the canal on a nice day.  And today, there was sunshine and blue skies.  The tow path was muddy from yesterday’s downpour, but with a bit of skipping around the larger puddles and dodging the muddy cyclists passing through them, I made it without problem.

By the time I got past The Hop, I was starting to walk streets of Leeds that I never had before.  I found Victoria Wharf (which I’d never even heard of!) and discovered that that is where the revered ‘Brasserie Blanc’ hides.

After our tasty stews, my friend and I headed across to Brewery Wharf.  I was hoping to visit Dock Street Market, as I’ve still not been, but I found it disappointingly closed (who knew they only opened Monday – Friday?! Not Me!)  So we carried on along to Pin Bar to sample the Sticky Toffee Pudding that I had been confidently told is the best in Leeds (Current trophy-holder is Lounge Bar and Grill)

Unfortunately, the kitchen was so busy prepping their LOVELY looking Valentines’ menu that he hadn’t any S.T.Ps made yet, but given that the Head Chef came out and personally apologised about it, we didn’t mind too much – and I have an excuse to eat more puddings another day.  Can’t be bad!

After a drink and a quick chat to some Lindy Friday instructors who happened to come in for their brunch as we were sitting (Small world!) we head off in search of something sweet and ended up in the Corn Exchange to have a mosey round the shops (it’s nice to see the units filling up again..) and suffice the sweet teeth in Piazza by Anthony.  (Whose Sticky Toffee Pudding, incidentally, is good, but not quite matching Lounge’s).

Then we hit the shops.  Actually, I say we ‘hit’ the shops, but in actual fact it feels more like they hit us.  Wow – certain places are busy on a Saturday aren’t they?!  I gave up on finding a Birthday dress today, but will continue the search possibly tomorrow, as I’m gigging in town. 🙂

So there you go, that was my #HomeTourist day.  I didn’t make the museums or the galleries, but hey, I’m lucky – I live in Leeds!  In a real ‘foreign city’ you don’t always have the luxury of everything being a mere 40 minute walk from your home along a beautiful canal-path. 🙂

Tessa x


4 thoughts on “Home Tourist

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  3. Hi Tessa, this is such a good idea, isn’t it? To look at things anew, to see things from a different perspective. It renews us and inspires us (as well as reminding us how lucky we are) so thank you for posting this article. Best of luck with the gigs…I’m now off to satisfy my sudden craving for sticky toffee pudding!

    • You’re welcome – thanks for reading it! I do think it’s important to take a moment and appreciate what you’ve got, definitely. 🙂
      Hope you found some good pudding too! x

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