Home Tourist #2

I have lived in Leeds now for 6 years, and there are an embarrassingly large number of places that I have yet to visit, and things this city offers me that I have not yet done.

Until today (wednesday – I’m late in posting!), the list was as follows:

* Ice skating on Millenium Square (Every year, I plan to go.  Every year, I fail)

* City Library (I know, I’m hanging my head in shame right now!)

* Royal Armouries

* Tropical World

* Lotherton Hall

* Temple Newsam House

* Abbey House Museum (which seems foolish, as I’ve been – and love – Kirkstall Abbey)

* Golden Acre Park

* … I’m pretty certain there are others! – suggestions taken in ‘Comments’ below!

(You can find out about these places, and others, in and around THIS SITE from the council.  It really is useful!)

So the aim is to rectify this, and visit these places, and more, over the next few months.  Should anyone want to accompany me, please get in touch, but know I may want to climb trees and look up the sky a lot.. 🙂


The initial plan was to go to Tropical World.  I’ve been to Roundhay Park a few times now, and have always enjoyed it in spite of whatever drama/non-drama was surrounding the visit.  I think the lake and lake-house are beautiful, the woods are great to explore, and the Mansion is just stunning – inside and out.

However, the Meercats are having a bit of a refurb, and so I could not visit them this week.. 😦    Tropical World reopens on Saturday 19th, but given that that is the beginning of half term, I may give it a week or two before heading up that way..  I think I’d like a relaxed and quiet visit and I’m not sure how likely that would be otherwise..!

So, plan 2 was to go iceskating.  But my friend Dan was busy when I wanted to skate, and GOODNESS! I didn’t realise it was £9 – I’m going to have to start saving!!  I hope to make it this year, but if not, I’m certain I’ll have to do even more saving for next year! eek!

So instead, I decided to go sightseeing in the Gallery and Library.

I started off visiting a friend in All Bar One on Greek Street, where my birthday celebrations were kicked off with wine and Smarties.  Bonus!

Then we set off to the Library.

I know it’s a bad thing, but I haven’t utilised a library since I was at Uni, and even then it was more the LCM music Library I borrowed CDs from.  I’m not a big reader – though I am trying to change that – but I do love the fact we have public libraries, and I have very fond memories of the yellow Library Van coming round the village when I was much younger. 🙂

I had hoped to find some beautiful architecture in the City Library, and in the stairwells and and adjoining corridors, I was not disappointed.

And I loved looking at The ‘2000 Tapestry’ on the 1st floor, as well as the kissing cats on the staircases! heehee

We then went (via the music library and gallery) to the City Art Gallery, and had a wander in the Henry Moore Institute, before popping across the road to Park Row Brasserie to hear the talented Mr Cleve ‘Rev Chunky’ Freckleton with some of the Voices of The Day choir.  A couple of glasses of pre-birthday wine later, and I was up singing!  Haha.

So, all in all, a lovely second #HomeTourist day, but I’m looking forward to many more places being struck off my list!  – don’t forget to put your suggestions forward!

Tessa x


2 thoughts on “Home Tourist #2

  1. Tessa you are so not alone! I’ve not really explored a fraction of Leeds, and that’s just starting in Armley where I live.
    Ditto to Golden Acre Park, unless you count skating across the ice in winter and sitting in the car as I had flat shoes on, whilst husband took daughter to free ducks from the ice

    Ditto to Skating at the Ice Rink, but mostly because of the fact I don’t wear trousers ever

    And I’ve not really ever fully explored the Thackray Medical Museum, other than a brief spell in the cafe at closing time…

    That’s before you get me started on things I overlook and wish I didn’t…Bramley Baths, which is under threat of reduced opening hours or even closure. It’s a Victorian Society listed buiding http://www.victoriansociety.org.uk/news/Bramley-Baths/

    There is plenty of legwork in being a #hometourist but it’s so stupid to spend daft amounts of money going abroad, when there’s so much to discover where you live

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