My Year of Gratitude – Week Seven

Thank you to the head chef at Pin Bar for coming out to personally apologise that he hadn’t yet prepped the Sticky Toffee Pudding that we ordered.  It was very nice of you to leave your kitchen to do so, and I look forward to coming to visit soon so that I can try what is claiming to be ‘the best sticky toffee pudding in leeds’. 🙂 x


Thank you to the couple who were sitting at table 61 at my Harvey Nichols gig today for buying a CD – I’m really happy you enjoyed what you were hearing so much you wanted to support me more. 🙂
Thanks as well to Al at Lounge for lending me an umbrella to get to the car with – I’d have got unpleasantly soaked without it. x
Thank you to alllll the people who visited my website today to read about Lindy Fridays.  It’s the most visits I’ve had in a day yet, and that makes me smile – I do hope you’ll keep coming back to visit. ( – I’d better write some more good/interesting posts, ey?) x
Thank you to the members of Voices of the Day at practice this evening for applauding me so enthusiastically at the end to say thanks – it was quite overwhelming and blush-worthy!
And whilst I’m thanking people for saying thank you, thank you too to the drivers on my way too and from Bradford for saying thanks when I let you pull out.  It’s always nice to see an indicator flash or two to know you’ve appreciated it. 🙂 x
Thank you to Tom for coming Leeds-sight-seeing with me, and for kicking off my birthday celebrations well, with wine and smarties.
Thanks too to Cleve for letting me get up and join him in a sing-song in Park Row Brasserie. x
17/2/11 – My Birthday.
Thank you to lots of people today, for making my birthday special.  Including Gemma, Dean, Emma, Lee, Adrian, John, Tori, Row, Taz, The New Mastersounds, Tom Harrison, Mark, Gary, Keely, Lou, and many many more, including everyone who sent online birthday messages and texts.
Special thank you to Dave for driving me home after partying in Sela Bar – it was greatly appreciated, and I hope you and your other passengers got home safely. x
Thank you to Rick for driving down to Leeds today with an ‘Aunty Barbara Cake’ and to Aunty Barbara for baking me said cake – it’s the best chocolate cake ever, and I can’t wait to eat it all! 🙂
Thank you too to Ranj and Tina at Lindy Fridays for a really lovely class tonight – I thoroughly enjoyed it. x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x



2 thoughts on “My Year of Gratitude – Week Seven

    • Haha, Not at all Jo! You do have some fancy footwork I can’t quite keep up with (yet) though! Looking forward to learning it!

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