My Year of Gratitude – Week Eight


Thank you to Tony and all at Brio for the beautiful food and lovely service this evening – you were very kind. 🙂
Thank you too to the DJ at Smokestack who played tune after tune as we were drunkenly dancing the night away – your choice of music is fab! x


Thank you to all in Lounge for being a fantastic audience for my gig today, and for singing happy birthday to me – I really appreciated it!
Thank you too to the barman at the Wardrobe for learning to make a Mai Tai for me, and then keeping me supplied in them all evening! x

A special thank you to Polly, Ailsa, Chloe, Crazy Dave, Mitt, Alexis and Dan (and James!) for making this weekend a wonderfully perfect birthday/LCM reunion. I appreciate your travelling various distances and I love you very much. Please let’s do it again soon. xx



Thank you to Lizzie for keeping me entertained in York this evening with catch-up conversations, nachos, rum and music – it was enjoyable to hear Beardyman do his thing, and to have a giggle with you. More fun soon please. x


Thank you to Tom at All Bar One for sorting me out with some tasty lunch and a glass of wine that allowed me to extend my Birthday Week to 6 days (I’m definitely done now!)
Thank you too to the Wardrobe for allowing Voices of the Day to have a sing-song on their stage tonight during our social. I know we may not be entirely polished, but we definitely all enjoy ourselves! x


Thank you to my cousin Rick, who I found out today made a donation to charity in my name for my birthday.  I think those ‘gift schemes’ are a fantastic idea and it made me very happy to know that the money has gone somewhere it is needed. x


Thank you to the simple pleasures that make me smile, even if only for a short time, like blowing bubbles, sleepy kittens and the stunning sunset we had this evening.  It’s good to know that even if I don’t feel my best and I feel like things aren’t as I wish they were, there is still effortless beauty in the world that can bring a smile to my face. x


Thank you to Lindy Fridays – once again you managed to be one of the best things I did this week.  I love that you make me breathless with laughter without even trying.
Thank you too to Miles for driving me home and allowing time for a good catchup – I look forward to seeing you on the stage in April. 🙂 x



Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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