Home Tourist #3

And so, yesterday I set out to strike another place off my embarrassingly comprehensive list of ‘Leeds attractions’ I have not visited in my 6 years of living here:

* Ice skating on Millenium Square

* City Library

* Royal Armouries

* Tropical World

* Lotherton Hall

* Temple Newsam House

* Abbey House Museum

* Golden Acre Park

* … I’m pretty certain there are others! – suggestions taken in ‘Comments’ below!


I set off into town around midday (I didn’t walk this time, but had every intention of walking home. Not that that happened either..!) and from Briggate I wandered down to Brewery Wharf and along the canal to The Royal Armouries.

I have walked this way before a few times, but like the proper Home Tourist I am, I got my camera out, and snapped the solitary swan who was enjoying his little swim on the water..

The Armouries are somewhere I have intended to go many times, but to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.. I guessed there would be weaponry and armour, and I’d heard about an elephant.. but other than that, I had no real expectations about what it was I was going to see.

Having approached the museum from the canal, I walked (slightly confused, if I’m honest) right round until I found the main entrance, and entered the atrium. A little more confusion followed as the ground floor is just a series of meeting rooms and event spaces, and I didn’t really know where I was heading. So I kept my eyes open, my headphones in and wandered towards some swords I could see..!

The museum is set over 5 floors and covers many aspects of battle and war. I started with Jousting, which was very interesting, and rather calm until a young school party came tearing down the room toward the interactive wall where I happened to situated. Thank goodness they weren’t all wielding lances!

After an hour and a half of wandering through means of violence and making sure I was covering every corner, I started to get that horrible sinking feeling that mankind wasn’t a particularly nice bunch really. But then I happened across the small exhibit (associated with the Bradford Peace Museum, I think..) where old arms were made into new art – including a chair made of guns. This made me feel much better, and, having learned about the origins of the Nobel Peace Prize, I set off in search of the fabled Elephant.

I found a little corner overlooking Clarence Dock where I learned about the museum itself, and then decided I was really hungry and so headed off to lunch at Pin Bar.

On my way, I got intrigued by a little reed-filled lock with a bridge just opposite Calls Landing, so I followed the path round, and found… it lead only to people’s flats. Disappointed, (though it was quite a pretty little wander) I admitted defeat and retraced my steps to rejoin Dock Street.

Having arrived just as the kitchen was closing at Pin, they very kindly served us lunch – including the long-awaited (and extremely kindly, free!) sticky toffee pudding. Which, I can confirm, is really good. Indeed – they do not lie on their twitter feed when they boast about it!

Rob and I chatted all through the post-lunch lull, and by the time I turned round to put on my coat, the place was filling up nicely. Off I skipped to the bus, for a quick change at home and then back in for the unbeatable fun that is Lindy Fridays. After some great dances, (and one or two where I was not so good – sorry Mike!) I jumped in the car and drove to Bradford to catch the end of a retro birthday party that my lovely friend Alicia was throwing (in part) for me.

I had missed the pizza, pass-the-parcel, and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. But I hadn’t missed the birthday cake (cake number 4! yey!) or the party bags. AMAZING!

All in all, I had an absolutely wonderful day, for which I am very grateful.

Please do suggest places you think I should visit below, and here is my favourite Armouries wall quote (second one down):

Great advice, indeed.

Tessa x


5 thoughts on “Home Tourist #3

  1. Don’t forget Amrley Mills Museum (Also known as Leeds Industrial Museum)

    It’s on your doorstep here in Armley, it’s got some great steam vehicles, loads of history of the wool industry and a tiny little old fashioned cinema with some great old footage of Leeds!


    (I love love love tropical world!)

    • Thanks Sophie! I’ve actually already been there – but it is awesome! I love the little cinema, it’s so cute!

      Totally going to try and visit Tropical World next. 🙂


  2. How about Middleton Railway for a place to visit. It’s meant to be good. It’s on one of my places to visit (shameful really, I can practically see it from my house!)
    Also Thwaite Mills, again, not been myself yet.

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