My Year of Gratitude – Week Ten


Thank you to Rick who came to pick me up from the Metro station today and take me to my Uncle’s house for his birthday celebrations.  I had a lovely day catching up with my family and playing hide and seek with Maia and Sophie.
Thank you too to Mum for driving me back to Newcastle Central station to catch my train home.  It’s a shame my trip was so fleeting, but I appreciate the help that made it at least possible. x


Thank you to Joyce for coming back to Lounge especially to hear me sing, and to Jo, Tina, Alex, Vicky, Seb, Helen and Mike for coming along to once again show their support and have a dance.  It’s lovely that you do so.
Thank you too to Kevin for his playing, and for allowing me to ‘muscle in’ on all his upcoming lindy-gigs! 🙂 x


Thank you to Ellen for linking me on her website, and to Jo for linking me on his website – I like the idea of this link-exchange, and it makes me happy to know you think I am worthy of a mention on your little parts of the Internet. 🙂 x


Thank you to my mum for sending me the recipe for pancake batter in time for me to make it before school today.  I can not even fathom a Shrove Tuesday without pancakes, so you really saved the day! 🙂
Thank you too to my new junior choir members, one if whom told me I should be a celebrity today, due to my voice.  It made me giggle, and it’s good to know my choice of repertoire is attracting new girls to singing together in a group. x


Thank you to swear words for being so perfect for emphasis, comedic effect and general release of frustration and anger.  I’m going to miss you over the next 40 days and 40 nights of Lent (if I actually manage to give you up, that is. Perhaps I will have a swear jar, just in case!) because you are flipping fantastic! 🙂
Thank you too to Smithers for a wonderful day today – I had a great time on our ‘5-year-olds dream’ day! x


Thank you to John for dropping me in town today for my gig – it was greatly appreciated. 🙂
Thank you too to Sarah-Louise for putting my website details on your email to send out to the event-goers.  I still can’t believe I forgot my business cards!  But I actually think this way is better, so perhaps forgetting things isn’t always a bad thing! x


Thank you to Emma for joining me at Lindy Fridays this evening and for driving me there and back.  I’m glad you came and that you enjoyed it!
Thank you too to all the gents (and Ann) for my dances after class.  Particularly Jo, who is always so encouraging, and Alex, even if you only really came for the brownies! 🙂 x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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