My Year of Gratitude – Week Eleven


Thank you to the wonderful gents who danced with me tonight at FSOS – Alex, Rob, Jo, Ranj and Mike, and to Helena too. 🙂  I must admit that, as a newbie, the massiveness of the Social brought a mixture of utter terror due to my immature dancing skills, and complete amazement and joy at the whole thing, and you – along with the other lovely folk I spoke to – made it fall heavier on the latter description.
Thank you too to the FSOS committee for allowing me to come along in the first place.  I hope I have managed to express how grateful I am for that HERE. x


Thank you to today’s audience at Lounge – you were all wonderfully attentive, and seemed to really enjoy our music.
Thank you also to Trevor in the kitchen for making me a special veggie lunch, including specially-made Yorkshire puddings just for me. 🙂  It was so tasty I ate too much!  I look forward to sampling more of your vegetarian delights!
Thanks too to Jon for playing so brilliantly once again – I really enjoyed it! x


Thank you to Jack for meeting me in Leicester Square for a quick coffee and a catch up – it was lovely to see you, and I’m glad everything is going so well for you!
Thank you too to Serious and the Barbican for putting on a wonderful event that gave me the opportunity for a London visit, to the ever-wonderful Kurt Elling for his flawless performance, and to Rosie and Steve for walking me back to the tube station. x


Thank you to Mr Abbey who told me it was perfectly acceptable for me to have a nap in the music department today, and brought me a cushion to use as a pillow!
Thank you too to the music staff room chocolate biscuits that were of a very high calibre this week and have been keeping me going all afternoon (I couldn’t really bring myself to nap at work!) x


Thank you to the patients and visitors of St James Hospital Bexley Wing, Paul and Gav, for making today’s first gig very enjoyable.  What a lovely space to sing in!
Thank you to Cleve and the mini voices of the day for gig number 2 fun.
Thanks also to Ann and Future Rob for putting the smile back on my face when it slipped, and John for keeping it there with Wine, Pizza and home-baking. 🙂 x


Thank you to all the friends who sent me nice words and compliments today.  I wasn’t fishing for them when I expressed my upset, but feel overjoyed to have had them – you are all wonderful people and I’m glad I have you in my life.
Thank you to Katherine at Timoneys for providing me with very tasty cake and a brilliantly warm welcome – I’m sorry it had been so long since I’d come to say hello.  It won’t be as long the next time, I promise!
Thank you also to Roundhay park for being a beautiful place to walk around, the stunning sunset of this evening, and the lovely company and conversation which made this afternoon/early evening so enjoyable.
Finally, thank you to Mike for teaching me all about Cake at Buns and Roses tonight – it was most fascinating! – and to Gemma for accompanying me to the Submotion Orchestra gig so I didn’t go alone, or (more likely) miss the beautiful music completely. x


Thank you to the Jav man for meeting me before Lindy for a tea and a juice and a giggle. It was fun, as always!
Thanks too to Tony at Brio for our food after Lindy – it was desperately needed!  Apparently Charleston footwork makes me really hungry – must be all the extra energy used in terrified concentration!
And thank you too to Sam and Jason for being lovely door staff who give brilliant hugs.  It makes me smile. x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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