The Ballad of The Orange Smartie

A couple of days ago, I dropped a Smartie.  In a bid to get it replaced with more chocolate, I told a friend this tale of woe..

Anyway, things escalated and so was born T.B.O.T.O.S.

Still a work-in-progress, if anyone has any melodic or harmonic ideas, please do pass them along – I already have a choreographer lined up..  😉

Perhaps we could extend the thing to a full-blown musical (and get some sponsorship from Smarties..)

The Ballad of The Orange Smartie

I dropped an orange smartie
It fell right to the floor
And before my hand could get to it
It was greeted by a paw.

Hendricks now had claimed it
And tossed it to’ and fro’
It spun across the laminate
And under the piano.

Now it sits there all forlorn,
Not knowing what to be
Not sustenance nor play thing –
No fun for cat nor me.

And as summer fast approaches
I worry for its luck
In that dark and dusty corner,
It just may become stuck;

Its orange coating fractured
By Hendricks’ playful paw
Its chocolate insides melted
And sticking to the floor

Oh poor poor orange smartie
Whatever did I do
I feel so awful for your fate –
Please forgive my dropping you.

– Tessa Smith, March 2011.


4 thoughts on “The Ballad of The Orange Smartie

    • Thank you Eliza! I’m glad it made you smile. I just read your ‘I Met The Spring’ – it was beautiful. 🙂
      I look forward to reading more of your blog!
      Tessa x

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