My Year of Gratitude – Week Twenty-Three


Thank you to Aidan, Paul and Dan for playing so wonderfully in Hexham tonight.  I was a little scared, having never met Dan before, but you were just fantastic and I didn’t have to worry once. 🙂

Thank you too to the lovely audience for being attentive and responsive and respectful and friendly, and everything else I’d want from my listeners – I love playing in Hexham!  🙂 x


Thank you to Rob for being my wonderful Chauffeur today so I could indulge in a glass of wine at gig one and not worry about being really sleepy at gig two – you are a star. 🙂

Thank you too to Voices of The Day – I had a great time at our birthday party!  I’m glad I got to sing with you all, solo a little bit, direct the choir in a few tunes and keep my promise of having a dance with my driver. 😉  You are fantastic. x


Thank you to Tori for being a legend and sending on the videos/audio files you took on Saturday night.  I really appreciate it – it’s good to have things to mark improvement/need for improvement. 🙂 x


Thank you to Katie for being very encouraging at my 1st ever Tap class tonight.  I found it a bit scary and very challenging, but hope to keep coming along in the hopes that my feet will eventually learn..
Thank you too to The Wardrobe, who provided me with well-needed rum after said scary/difficult class, and to Sela for providing more rum, as well as tasty pizza. 🙂 x


Thank you to Miss Alicia for being a wonderful date this evening.  After having such a lovely afternoon of moussaka and Disney, you rounded off my day brilliantly! 🙂
Thank you too to Epernay for the brilliant service and very tasty wine, and to Hansas for the delicious food – you do remain my favourist place to eat in Leeds. x


Thank you to Noah for spending the day working with me in your home studio.  You were very helpful, patient, professional and fun to work with, and I’m looking forward to getting the mix finished next week. 🙂 x


Thank you to my shiny blue car for getting me up North and back without trouble.  You’ve been doing very well recently, but I promise to take you in for a service soon.
Thank you too to Kev for playing the gig with me today, and for mum and dad for their good, (if brief!) hospitality. 🙂 x


Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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