My Year of Gratitude – Week Thirty-Two


Thank you for the loveliness that is Home cooking.  I don’t get to do it enough, but I’m happy when I get the chance – particularly when my meal involves squeaky Halloumi cheese. 🙂
Thank you too The Wardrobe for continuing to be one of the best places in Leeds to see live music and have a dance and a drink with good friends. x


Thank you to Helen and Rob, and the other dancers involved in the Fringe Festival rehearsal this morning – it was so great to start my day with some dancing (and cake) and I had a great time with you all. 🙂
Thank you too to Andy for once again playing brilliantly at Lounge, and to all the folk who turned up and had a listen – particularly those I wasn’t expecting, some of whom I hadn’t seen in about 7 years! x


Thank you to the Kingston Swing people for just being wonderful and welcoming once again.  Hull is quite clearly ace. x


Thank you to Voices Of The Day for uplifting me so brilliantly at rehearsal tonight – it was so great to see everyone back under the arches at All Brass, and I think we sounded amazing. 🙂
Thank you too to Leeds Jazz Club for again being most welcoming, and giving us space to have a dance whilst listening to some live music.  It’s not often I get to see the Cake Walk either.. 😉 x


Thank you to Leeds for being so awesome.  Not only am I hugely proud to live in a city that did not see itself join-in with the terrifying rioting that we have seen this week, but today I introduced a friend to some ‘new’ places (The Greedy pig, Create, Dock Street Market – you were all fantastic!) and have been reminded how many wonderful things we have here. 🙂 x


Thank you to Sela Bar for putting on the wonderful ‘Louis Louis Louis’ this evening.  Earlier this week, I thanked The Wardrobe for putting on Live Music so regularly, as I should you.  Tonight was absolutely brilliant, and I’m finding it hard to stop enthusing about your venue, the band, and the general good-feeling surrounding tonight.  Definitely one of my favourites. 🙂 x


Thank you to  Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, for writing such a great song in ‘Feeling Good’.  Today, I spent the day singing it and, indeed, feeling good. 🙂  Hurray! x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. 🙂

Tessa x


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