My Year of Gratitude – Week Thirty-Eight


Thank you to John, Aidan, John, and Bruce for being a lovely band at the Wedding this evening, and to the bride, groom and all the guests who made the evening so enjoyable for me. 🙂 x


Thanks to Tina for your text message tonight – it’s nice to receive little reminders that people take an interest and care about you. 🙂 x


Thanks to Daryl for being a supportive and lovely person today – I really appreciate it.  I’m very lucky to have met such great people this year to join my other wonderful friends. 🙂 x


Today, I am being thankful for the small things that I may usually take for granted: a roof over my head, food in my cupboards, my health and for having some fantastic people in my life.  Even when I’m struggling, I have some great things to be thankful for. x


Thank you to the beautiful Hull folk (and a couple of Leeds ones) for cheering me up no end tonight.  You are all great – please lets do it again soon!  Special thanks to Laura for organising and inviting me! x


Thank you to John for the past few months of ‘working’ together – it’s been fun.  Thank you more for the glasses of wine after work though.. I’ll miss those more. :p
Thank you too to The Mustard Pot for some lovely service and great food this evening (another admirable Sticky Toffee Pudding..!) – it was my first ever visit, and I enjoyed it very much. x


It seems that I’m going to be thanking Lindy Fridays most weeks, because it’s brilliant.  But tonight in particular, I say thank you for ending my week on such a high, for some really great dances and for introducing me to some of my favourite people in Leeds – I am so glad that I found you. x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. :)

Tessa x


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