My Year of Gratitude – Week Forty


Thank you to Mum for my breakfast in York and a lovely couple of hours spent with you (and very briefly, Dad). It was nice to see you both. 🙂
Thank you too to Knaresborough for being such a beautiful destination.  Particularly on a day like today, when it felt like summer but there were still conkers to discover amid the fallen leaves. x


Thank you to El Piano in York for yesterday introducing me to the fact that Falafel can be a breakfast food. Mmm, yum.
Thank you too to the Leeds Uni Swing Society members who came down in force after the workshop to listen and dance to me and Andy in Lounge. 🙂 x


Thank you to Tina, Rob and Cat for coming over today for a slightly impromptu lunch, and for giving me a good reason to eat ice-lollies in the sun! x


Thank you to the lady in The Wool Shop for being very helpful and friendly when I popped in today.  Your stock is amazing! – yet another reason to celebrate living in Armley. 🙂
Thank you to Row for organising another wonderful Yelp event. I thought the venue was lovely, and I was most pleased to be able to use the evening to catch up with my brilliant Tori-cousin. x


Thank you to Robert at Cullingworth Jazz for donating half your raffle-winnings to me tonight. It was very kind, and I look forward to seeing you at a gig again soon. 🙂 x


Thank you to the final arrival of Autumn.  I have very much enjoyed the unseasonable sunshine, but October should really bring big coats, boots and scarves and today was definitely hot chocolate weather, which is something to be grateful for! x


Thank you to afternoon naps for being one of many perks to self-employment and late evening gigs. I was most glad of you be the end of tonight!
Thank you too to Jason, Paul and Geoff for an enjoyable gig this evening. I’m lucky I get to make music with so many talented folk. 🙂 x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. :)

Tessa x


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