I did some ‘crafting’..

As you all probably know, I am a member of Buns and Roses WI.  This is quite a large group of ladies from various backgrounds who come together once or twice a month to natter, drink cocktails, listen to Meeting Minutes and learn new skills.

Every so often, they have a ‘General Meeting’ where people bring in craft projects that they’re working on and at these I am often a little lost..  I’m creative, yes.  But I don’t often have something to pick up and do elsewhere – unless I sat in the corner with a note book and a piano writing songs..

I recently started to learn how to knit, but I’m currently only knitting scarves on big needles which a) doesn’t take long and b) can get quite expensive given how much nice yarn is and how quickly you go through it on big chunky needles.  I guess I should start using smaller needles, but I don’t yet have the patience for it.

Anyway, one thing I do do is make cards.  Not something I can take to meetings either, but I thought I’d post some pictures so I can join the ‘Craft Blog’ WI folk..

First, animals. 🙂








And then, people 🙂

Next time, Christmas !

Tessa x


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