My Year of Gratitude – Week Forty-Four


Thank you to people who let me know when I’ve made a grammatical/spelling mistake on my website. It’s happened a couple of times recently, and I’m a big fan of words, so I’m glad to be told. (Though please don’t go specifically searching for more, anyone..!)

Thank you too to Jo and Stu for a nice catch up and lovely meal in The Greedy Pig this afternoon.  As always, it was delicious.  And rest assured, if I didn’t already have a job (or 3!) I’d totally want to work for you. 😉 x


Thank you to Al and John for making me smile so much on my gig today – I’m very lucky to be able to make music with such talented folk. 🙂
Thank you too to Simon for the awesome dance/music chat at Uptown Shuffle.  I’m genuinely excited (in a very geeky way) about continuing it later in the week.  x


Thank you to the Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins for keeping me entertained and making me think of Emma today.  You are the only part of Halloween I can get on board with, as I really don’t enjoy the rest of what comes with the ‘holiday’. x


Thank you to my 1st choir today for making such a great sound that it put me in a wonderful mood all day. 🙂
Thanks too to Cathy for letting me borrow a keyboard for tomorrows Festive Choir adventure, the lady on reception at HGS for making sure I didn’t get locked in again, to Katie for a lovely tap class and to the extremely friendly and lovely people at Leeds Jazz Club for welcoming me solo this evening – particularly John for my drink and Beryl for inviting me to join you so I wasn’t sat on my own. x


Thank you to the lovely people who came along to Maven and sang so beautifully tonight – it sounded ace! 🙂
Thanks too to Seb and Claire for inviting me to the Swing Society social/LUU Dance band gig, to Alex and Alan for my dances (in front of many many people) and to Rob, without whom I would not have had the courage to get up and dance in public at all, let alone a really full room of students! x


Thank you to my singing pupils at School today – every one of you did wonderfully in your lessons and you put me in a great mood for my evening.  Particularly Beattie, who tackled a really challenging piece and nailed it in about 20 minutes – well done!
Thank you too to Dani for giving me the opportunity to play ‘Ragdoll’ to Rob’s ‘Teacher’ in a Lindy class tonight – I really enjoyed it!  And of course, I am grateful, as ever, to Rob for all you have given me – dancing, confidence and smiles.  And for making me look good (I think!) during our ‘demo’ tonight! Thank you. 🙂 x


Thank you to the group of students that showed concern and helped me out when a man toppled over in front of me at The Corn Exchange today.  I could not have lifted him up, and I think he’d drunk a bit too much to talk coherently.. I was very grateful for your help.
Thank you too to Simon for our continuation of music geekery – I hope it was useful!
Thank you too to all the lovely ladies and gents of Lindy Fridays for some great dances, and to Al and Tina for the company afterwards. 🙂 x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. :)

Tessa x


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