Lindy at The Light, 2011

It’s almost been exactly a year since I bravely (with the help of some wine, and my good friend Chloe) ventured into a world I knew nothing about: Dance.  Lindy Hop, to be specific.

I can’t tell you how much the idea of dancing used to frighten me – particularly the idea of doing it in public – but I can honestly say going to that class was one of the best things I have ever done, and not only has dancing given me confidence and endless amounts of laughter and smiles, but I have met some incredibly talented and wonderful people over this past year thanks to it too.

When I started attending the classes regularly back in January, I wrote this Post: Lindy Fridays – Why Do I Do It?

In it, I set myself a challenge:

My Aim (Though I may regret airing this so soon in my ‘Lindy Life’) : LINDY AT THE LIGHT 2011.   – Eeek!

Lindy At The Light has been running for even more years than Lindy Fridays, and over the years has grown and grown, inviting more routines from more Lindy Scenes in nearby areas, and each year raising more money for the NSPCC (with a running total standing at over £24000!)

Dancers from Leeds, Hull and Sheffield (possibly others too..?) will be dancing for over 5 hours on the 17th of December in The Light shopping centre in Leeds (On the Headrow) from 12pm, and I will be joining them.

If you are around that day and fancy coming to watch me and the lovely others to find out what this ‘Lindy Hop Thing’ I’ve been prattling on about all year is, please do and bring some pennies to chuck into the collection buckets.

Otherwise I would really appreciate the monetary support you’d like to offer the NSPCC to be donated here:

It’s a really great cause, and more than that  I’m a bit scared, so your donations will at least deem my embarrassment worthy! 😉

Thank you in advance, and hope to see you on the 17th.

Tessa x


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