My Year of Gratitude – Week Fifty-One


Thank you to everyone I danced with at Lindy at the Light, and to all who donated money to to the cause.  There’s still TIME! 😉
Thank you too to the organisers, and those people who in particular helped me to achieve the goal of dancing in it this year – I really do appreciate it. x


Thank you to Taz for gigging with me at Lounge today – it was wonderful to make music with you, especially the Christmas songs. 😉
Thank you too to Chris and Moira for supporting my gigs there this year and for buying me some lovely flowers today!  I love being given flowers! x


Thank you to John for responding to my facebook plea and bringing me juice, Lemsip and soup.  And for not judging my awful and poorly appearance too much!
Thanks too to LT for just being ace, and for always being at the end of the phone, no matter where you are in the world. x


Thank you to my lovely friends for letting me bend their ears.  I really appreciate every one of you – the ones I have met only this year, and those I have been fortunate enough to know for longer. x


Thank you to Twitter for introducing me to some great people, some of which I get to meet in ‘real life’ too – like today, when I met @minioptimus and he bought a CD.  Good times. 🙂 x


Thank you to Cato for my Christmas present (which I am being very good and not opening til Sunday) and joining me for Champagne.  I miss regular Champagne drinking.. 🙂
Thanks you too to Phil for accompanying me to dinner and the ballet (and for buying the interval ice cream!), and Dave for the boogie to The New Mastersounds in Sela afterwards.  What a great evening in Leeds. 🙂 x


Thank you to Phil for the company today – and for not giving up on the ‘Chris Rea Search’.  I appreciated the optimism, and was happy that I at least got to hear it on my way home!
Thank you too to Noah and Lee for their work on the Solaris Demo/EP – I had a few listens today, and given the circumstance of recording, am very pleased with what we all achieved together.  I’m very excited about Solaris’ 2012! 🙂 x

Please learn why I’m doing this HERE.  Thank you. :)

Tessa x


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