2012 Gratitude – January

For my own sake, I have continued my ‘thank yous’.  I publish only to make sure I do them..!


I saw the New Year in with Andy and Paul who were wonderful company. Then I drove to Leeds and picked up Cato, who very kindly first footed my house and helped me unload the car, before I dropped him back in town to carry on celebrating. 🙂
Today, I also heard the news that Ernie Gill had passed away. He used to give me jazz CDs and DVDs when I sang at Undercliffe, and was always very enthusiastic and kind.
My gig at Lounge went well, and quite a few friends came to visit. I also sold a CD to a guy named Michael.
Then I came home and watched an ace film with Mike and David.
Furthermore, I’ve had so many lovely comments about my 2011 year of gratitude – not least Helen’s message.
I am grateful for all these things today. x


I woke to find yesterday was the most successful day on my website in terms of number of visits.
I’ve also had some great response to my 2012 challenge of using the Royal Mail every day.
For that, and the warmth of my ‘grownup’ house and fullness of my kitchen cupboards, I am happy and grateful. x


Today, I had some fantastic news that brings an end to a 3-year saga of frustration, upset and disappointment.  I heard The News on my way to School for my first day back, which went well.  One my way back from work, I popped into B&Q where a particularly lovely salesman allowed me to get a refund for the picture frame I had just purchased and subsequently broken.  I told him, in exchange for my refund, he had my eternal gratitude. 🙂

When I came home, after my lovely neighbour brought me the parcel I had not been in to collect, I headed in to town to visit both my solicitors and my bank, and then went celebrating in some of Leeds’ lovely bars.  I received many messages of congratulations and support throughout the day, and each one of them made me smile.  I have a lot to be thankful for, and have been on the verge of happy tears all day. Thank you thank you thank you. 🙂 x


I was able (after greeting the postman at 8:30) to sleep til noon today, and wake up feeling refreshed and still elated.  I have, but for a trip to the post box, been able to avoid the bad weather and sit in my warm house all day whilst contemplating how lucky I feel.  It’s another day to be thankful for. x


Today, I had a good drive to and from School, and up North.  Especially considering the weather, I am very grateful for this.  School was good, and being able to see my little brother before he goes back to Thailand and join in on a family meal was great.  I am thankful. 🙂 x


I was able to visit my old boss in Hexham today who was, as ever, just wonderful to talk to.  I am lucky to have had such a friend in you, Liz.  And it was fun to play ‘shop’ again!  I am grateful also to my Mum for running to the postbox and to Dad for driving us all through to Nicola’s birthday meal.  I had a great time with my family.   In fact, I have a great family. Thank you! x

I’m also grateful to Lounge for my Sunday residency.  18 months is a good run, and I’ve had a wonderful time gigging there, meeting new people – audience and pianists alike!  I do hope it’s not the end, but as I fear it may be, I’m thankful for the opportunity. x


Today, I visited my Nanna and (as if I needed to be) was reminded how ace she is.  Then, I drive home and had a visitor.  It was difficult, and confusing, but overall I was just happy to be in that person’s company – no matter how difficult and confusing.  I have met some fantastic people, and that is always something to be grateful for, no matter how those relationships pan out.  x


I had my first Blues dance class today.  I really enjoyed it, and specifically my dances with Simon that followed – it’s nice when something clicks and you’re able to recognise (albeit very small) improvement in yourself.  These are the things I am grateful for today. x


There is half a street in Leeds where parking is free.  At college, my good friend Mitt used to park there so it will be forever known as ‘Mitt’s Special Place’ to me and my friends.  It’s usually fully-used unless you head there early in the morning, but today, around 2:30, I found a space.  That is definitely something to be thankful for.

I managed to persuade a student who dances to stop revising and travel with me to a Big Band gig to dance (it didn’t take much to be honest.. Just the word ‘dancing’).  I’m so very grateful he joined me as it was wonderful fun, and a really good thing to know about. 🙂 x


After teaching choir at School, which is already sounding good, the other thing to say thank you for today was the Tap Class with Katie and the NSPCC sponsorship from Leeds Jazz Club. x


There are moments when you realise people care about you much more than you considered, and recently I have found that there are many lovely people in my life who take a genuine interest when I am down.  Thank you. x

I also received a lovely thank you of my own today in the form of a tin of sweets from HDC (CD-printing company) so I return the sentiment. 🙂  Tonight’s gig at Undercliffe CC was also something to be grateful for as I had a lot of fun playing with the band – particularly sharing the bill with Trevor. 🙂 x


Sometimes you get what you’re hoping for. Particularly if it’s a little hope, like getting home from work early, or getting a helpful and caring reply to an email you worried about sending.  This is my time and space to say Thank You for those. x


Thank you today for the gig at Sam’s Chop House that I went and watched.  To David and Martyn for both their music and their company, for the 3 ladies who I met and talked Lindy with, and to Vid for a couple of awesome dances so that I didn’t feel like I totally missed out. 🙂 x


Today, I completed my tax return.  It is definitely something to be grateful for that it only happens once a year. x


Many things to be grateful for as I had a wonderful and music-filled day today.  Listened to some wonderful arrangements at Seven played by Ben Lowman’s Django Project and saw some lovely friends up there too.  Then, after a quick detour to The Hop, Andy gave me a lift to my gig in Bradford where 3 lovely friends from Hull showed up unexpectedly to give their support!  It was really wonderful to see you!  And thank you also to the 2 folk that bought my CD this evening. 🙂 x


I can be grateful that I don’t have to get up on Mondays and go to work.  And I am grateful indeed for that, and for being able to go and see such a beautiful piece of cinema at the Hyde Park Picture House (‘The Artist’) – truly fantastic. x


Today was a good day at both schools, followed by a great evening being inspired and moved and entertained by the presenters of ‘Bettakultcha’ – what a brilliant event.  I’m lucky to be able to be involved in, and know about, such things. x


My gratitude today goes to Mike for accompanying me to Burley in Wharfedale for a dance or few.  I am glad that there are people to join me when I wish to explore new places, and that I get to dance still. 🙂  I’m also thankful to the warm reception from band, staff and punters at the Burley Social Club. x


I am thankful today for ‘cold and flu remedies’ that keep me going when I fear I’m coming down with something, and to the flexibility of friends when I cancel plans.  I am also grateful for the ability to watch DVDs in bed, and the listening ear of Emma. 🙂 x


Big thanks go to Emily for hemming my trousers at the correct length for my little legs – you’re a star!  Also to Emma and all at Create for a lovely lunch, Jon and Cato, and Alex for my dances. x


This weekend will be one of learning Blues dancing.  Today, I had a great time, and must thank David Maddison for his teaching – particularly the musicality class and “Call and Response” for dancing.  Amazing stuff.  I had some great dances and am happy I plucked up the courage to dance with David. 🙂  I also have gratitude to express to those people who have shown support and listened to me talk endlessly about things: Stacey and Alex particularly.  Thank you. x


More dancing to be thankful for today, as well as roadie-help from a few dancers and mixer-loaning from John.  It’s been a lovely day, with more lovely support from unexpected sources and beautiful friends. x


This evening was Manjit’s Supper Club – many things to be thankful for: amazing food, lovely company, the Leeds Twitter community, and for knowing of these wonderful things Leeds has to offer. x


Thanks today go to my choirs for being enthusiastic and sounding great, Mike for a lift to and from the Jazz Club and Alex for many (many) dances.  It was nice to be able to go to the club again, feel welcome, chat to the regulars and dance the evening away: I had missed it. 🙂 x


Today was oddly difficult for no apparent reason, however I thank Andy for his recognising the need to cheer me, and for making this evening’s gig enjoyable – it eased the end of my day considerably. 🙂 x


Cousin Rick popped in on his way to London today – it was great to see him and have a nice chat before he heads back to Thailand for the foreseeable future and so I am grateful for his time and effort.  Thanks go also to Simon, Mike and Alex for some great dances in the Eldon tonight – and the the Leeds City Stompers for keeping the tunes nice and danceable. 🙂 x


I am grateful today of the productivity level I achieved – particularly this morning, helped in part by the leaving of Rick quite early.  🙂  Also to the fabulous company of Mike at our late lunch and wine in some of Leeds’ lovely establishments, Daisy at the Chop House gig, and the lift home from Martyn. x


Saturday brought fun in the shape of ‘Rocky Horror’ at the Hyde Park Picture House.  I am grateful not only for the cinema being as beautiful as it is, but also for the company of Elly and Wendy: an amazing, if not completely surreal, night at the flicks! x


Huge thank yous today for the wonderful dancing people of Hull.  Not only was the Aerials Workshop incredible fun (thanks Bruce and Jane!) but the Tea Party I later crashed was lovely.  I’m glad I came across!  Mega thanks also go to Mike, David and Martyn for one of the funnest evenings I had in a long time – great gig in Sela! x


Every muscle in my body aches today.  I am grateful for painkillers, and for John, who took me to lunch and then carried my shopping!  x


Today, I thank the warm reception at Armley Jazz Club and Alex for my dances – I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t able to Lindy at these gigs! 🙂 x


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