My Year of reConnection – Week Two

And so, my daily posting continues..


Sometimes, people need to know exactly what you think of them..


Someone bought my album and so I posted it to them today with a little note to say how grateful I was. 🙂


This challenge is really testing my organisational skills (or lack of them..!)  I think I got this in the post just in time for arriving tomorrow..


Another birthday, this time with a home-made card and a small gift.  I didn’t make it to the post office so freaked out and put 3 stamps on to make sure the cost was covered..  Good thing I’ve got lots!  Least it’s got a couple of days to get there this time. 🙂


Another ‘Geordie Card’ found in Corbridge.  This one went to my friend Alexis who mentioned earlier this year that saying was informing the way she lives her 2012!


Taking a break from my tax return, I decided to send this postcard to a wonderful friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while..


Another card bought with someone specific in mind.  Mmmm Champagne.


Have a great week.

Tessa x


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