My Year of reConnection – Week Three

And so I continue using the Royal Mail every day.  It’s proving to be much more difficult than I had thought, but this week I got some lovely post from my friend LT, so it makes it worth while. 🙂


I realised I hadn’t spoken to my friend Clo for a while, so decided to say hello.  These pieces of post don’t need to be epic catch-ups, just enough to let people know I’m thinking of them..


When I saw this, I immediately knew who to send it to.  It has googley eyes too – something I wish to purchase a bag of for reasons I discovered later this week: eye-bombing.  It’s amazing fun.  Ask me about it! 🙂


Some more forward planning meant I managed to get this in the post in time for a birthday for a dancing friend.  It made me giggle, and could have been apt for a few folk, but definitely went to the right guy!


My first Twitter-by-post (sort of) – I sent a card to congratulate Miss Birkby on a wonderful BettaKultcha presentation.  🙂


I had a couple of girl-dates this week with the fabulous @wandapops so I wanted to say thank you..


Realising I hadn’t sent anything homemade this week, I popped this one in the post with a note from Hendricks (my cat!)


This card made me giggle when I saw it, and I knew who I’d be sending it to.  I just hope they see the funny side of the joke.. 😉


Have a lovely week with lots of exciting post.

Tessa x


2 thoughts on “My Year of reConnection – Week Three

  1. Tessa you are so inspiring. You should be a writer (and musician of course) I am still impressed with your year of gratitude in 2011. I like very much that you challenge yourself to stuff that’s out of the ordinary . You are fresh and with it, girl! Go Tessa! With love and respect Claire x x

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