Oh Twitter, you’ve done it again!  You have proved to me that Leeds is the place to be!

About 18 months ago, I won a twitter-competition set by a new business, @manjitskitchen.  I didn’t need any expertise – it was just a ‘RT to enter’ -type thing, but I was THRILLED.  This was a new, Leeds-based business selling Vegetarian Punjabi food and delivering it to your door.  Mainly local-sourced ingredients and a Twitter-Based ordering system: quick and simple.

The food was delicious and I couldn’t wait to order again!  Since then, Manjit and her family have been popping up at events around Leeds and I’ve been able to sample more of their ‘street-style’ food. Mmmm

Then, last month, I saw Manjit tweeting about something tagged #mksupperclub.  Wendy (wandapops) evidently was going to whatever it was, and so I looked at the link and found that it was a BYOB, £20-all-in 3-course dinner (plus welcome lassi and tea and biscuits to finish) prepared by Manjit.  I wanted in.

“COME TO MANJITS! How often can we eat everything on the table? come on x”

said fellow Vegetarian Wendy.  It’s true – not often do I get to eat everything without the slightest worry about what’s in the food, or whether the lovely-smelling dish is actually a meat-based one.  I signed up there and then.

Then I (almost) patiently waited for Monday 23rd Jan to roll around.  The menu was sent out a few days ahead of time.  Even better – no choices to be made: I’d get to try everything. 🙂  Usually, when I go to a Veggie Restaurant I ask the waiter to order for me – it’s not that I like to be awkward (I promise) it’s just I get overwhelmed by the amount of choice, as it’s so rare as a veggie to have so many options, so I’d rather take suggestion from someone who knows the menu a bit better..

I arrived at Heart in Headingley (lovely venue!) at 7pm to a cup of Cardamom and Rosewater Lassi.  I quickly found Wendy and was introduced to Jo and Paul (who I’d seen at Bettakultcha doing the ‘Random Slide Challenge’ last week).  A couple of other lovelies I know in “real life” were there, but mostly I knew folk only from their Twitter IDs (if at all).

Michael was our host, and we took to our seats.  I was placed on a table with only one person I had met before, but soon we were all chatting and getting on wonderfully.  A quick intro/welcome from Michael and Manjit, and then she disappeared back to the kitchen and the food began to arrive.

Pakoras and Papri Chaat for starters – absolutely delicious.  I was glad of the ‘family style’ help-yourself-to-as-much-as-you-like approach, as I’d been saving myself for eating EVERYTHING.  Tweets soon started flying from table to table commenting on the dishes.

The main courses were just as delicious: Shai Paneer seemed to be the overall favourite for everyone, but the Chana Daal was beautiful, and the Saag Aloo and Punjabi Baingan Bharta too.  Rice, Roti and salads (my favourite being a sweetcorn and pomegranate salad that I NEED to be able to make!) skipped down the tables and the hashtag went silent as people concentrated on eating.

Dessert (though I really didn’t need anymore food) was a traditional Temple offering: Prashad, and was surprisingly filling but beautifully tasting.  And then the evening was rounded off with Manjit’s delicate Massala Chai.

It felt rather special for a Monday night dinner, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it.  Not only did I have some wonderful laughs and meet some great new people (and get to put faces to names) but I ate like a King!  I can’t wait for the next one – it was such a success it’s bound to happen again. 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled and your stomaches ready, Leeds!

Tessa x


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