My Year of reConnection – Week Four

And so it continues..  I’m enjoying it – though haven’t had a great deal of exciting post back (not the point, really. But I do like post..)


I have this Manifesto by Holstee hanging up in my stairway.  A friend stayed over at the weekend, and she mentioned how much she liked it, so I printed one and made a postcard to say how nice it was to see her, and to thank her for being lovely. 🙂


There’s a pretty cool Knitting Group (The Chronicles of Yarnia) that meet fortnightly in Leeds and teach people to knit for free!  I saw this and thought of them, but apparently it didn’t make it to Dock Street Market in time.. I hope they get it eventually.. 


My mum has been dropping really un-subtle hints for a while about wanting post.  It won’t always work, but I thought I’d be nice today..


I got some post from the lovely LT!  I bought this card with her in mind, so thought I’d say thanks.  I’m seeing her for my birthday in a few weeks – very excited!


Saw on FB that a friend of mine was under the weather, so it’s Juicy Lucy to the rescue! 🙂


This is entirely what this project is about: sending little smiles to people who I think are wonderful.


Last one of the week, so a homemade hello to some family members. 


Keep in touch.

Tessa x


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